Soul Contracts

Not every relationship you will have will be a healthy one.  Often, we can struggle with a relationship due to a Soul Contract. Soul Contract stop yourself from achieving necessary spiritual growth because you have unresolved issues with this person from a previous life.  Here are five common Soul Contracts that you may recognize in your life.  We will also include some critical steps you can begin to take today to break these disheartening and confusing patterns.

Soul Contract of Martyrdom

Are you type of person that finds it hard to say no?  Do you jeopardize your wellbeing in order to help another?  Maybe you feel like you can only be happy when everyone else is.  If these resonate with you, you are probably feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and underappreciated by others.  You would never want to be seen as selfish, but this is how the Martyrdom Soul Contract appears in life.  You will break this spiritual agreement when you learn to set health boundaries about who to help and when.

Soul Contract of Loyalty

Are you a steadfast support of everyone in your life no matter how they treat you?  You do find yourself making excuses for people’s mistreatment of you?  In this soul contract you may feel like a doormat by those that claim to love you.  You may struggle in changing unhealthy patterns or leaving, since you don’t want to disappoint the other person.  You conquer this spiritual hurdle when you can make the tough changes in your relationships in a way that honors your spirit.

Soul Contract of Loneliness

Does it seem like you are constantly searching for your missing half in life, only to find yourself in a series of heartbreak.  Are you willing to settle for bad blind dates or someone who know is no good for you because you fear being along for the rest of your life?  In this soul contract, your spirit is yoked the concept of feeling isolated, unworthy and distrustful of love.  This can even manifest in finding faults with potential healthy partners.  Master this contract by finding love and value within yourself.  External love can only find you when you claim your full worth.

Soul Contract of Anxiety

If feeling constantly anxious, nervous, or worried, you may be navigated a Soul Contract of Anxiety.  Stop waiting for disaster or swapping one worry for another.  The Divine wants you know you deserve to be happy and peaceful.  You may have created this contract in a past live because you wanted heightened senses or to avoid repeating a trauma.  Conquer this challenge by reconnecting with your intuition to guide you towards the right solutions for any occasion.

Soul Contract of Conformity

Are you afraid to be seen as different?  Do you follow rules compulsively?  You may have created this contract as a means to protect your soul.  Your spirit believes that by hanging back and blending in you will avoid conflict.  While it may have benefited you in a previous life, now it can cause tensions in your work life or empower your growth.  Let alone of what you expect people want you to be, and embrace your inner gifts.  Mastering this contract opens yourself up to an array of opportunities and accolades for your outstanding efforts.

How to purge soul contracts

Begin by taking inventory of your energy management and identify ways that promote peace or grounding in your life.  It will take some hard work to identify a soul contract and how it both hinders as well as helps you.  Realize both aspects will be important in creating steps to release this burden from your life.  Increase awareness to how the soul contract has created patterns in your life.  For example, if you suspect martyrdom, pay special attention to when you prioritize the needs of others ahead of your wellbeing.  With time you will better understand the patterns and how to adjust behaviors to create new results.

Following awareness, you will need to cultivate mindfulness and intentionality.  This will help you gain clarity to make smarter choices.  In martyrdom you may be frequently missing family dinners to have gatherings to watch sports with your partner.  The next time they want to go hang with the crew, take a pause before answering that you will join them.  Within that pause you have an opportunity to rewrite your story.  You can then mindfully choose to see your family or party with the crew.  Consider which is healthier for you in that moment.  With time and practice making smart decisions will become easier for you.  Before you know it, you will recognize the triggers of the contract and effects of going down old paths.  You will begin to master what works best for you! With greater awareness and practice, you will take vital steps to release it from you life and reclaim the joy and opportunities in your life.