Have you ever reached a dead end in your life? Do you feel that you have fallen into a pit out where you cannot climb? Do you ever feel like you’re a failure? Don’t worry…we all feel like that sometimes, which is why we have to turn to others for help: friends, lovers, therapists or psychics.

The sad truth about changing your life

NOBODY can change your life: ONLY YOU. You can talk to as many people as you want and undergo endless therapies, but they are nothing without a strong desire in yourself to change. You must discover your own inner strength, tap into it, and ultimately reap its rewards.

Therefore, the question is not as simple as “How can I change my life?”, it is “How can I motivate myself to change my life?”

3 proven ways that you can initiate change in yourself:


Train yourself to always focus on positive outcomes. If you are seeking love, then visualize yourself with the type of person you are seeking and the happiness this relationship will bring. Live the relationship fully in your mind – make it complex and detailed – and there is a greater possibility that the outcome will fit your desire. Do this every day. If it can happen in your head, it can happen in real life.


Planning is crucial when it comes to implementing change. Allow yourself to change over a period of time. Set milestones and celebrate the reaching of each milestone with a reward – this can be a small or large reward, depending on the level of difficulty involved. The result is that you see progress and you feel the benefits of change in your life.


Many of us fail in our desire to change because we give up at the first hurdle. However, as t

he old cliché states: no pain, no gain. Nobody who has achieved genuine success in life and love has got there easily – no matter how much they pretend. Accept that effort is involved in change and that pain is part of the process. For example, if you’re not used to running a mile, then the first mile you run will take a lot out of you, but the next time you run that distance, it will be easier. You might end up running marathons! The more you do something, the less effort it takes – remember that.

How psychics can change your life

Psychics are not magicians, but they have the ability to do things that neither friends, therapists nor lovers can. They can provide private, non-judgmental insights about where you are now and where you want to go in the future. They can even tell you if where you want to go is not the place you should go!

Talking to a psychic in a way that you cannot talk to someone else is a great motivating force for change. Your psychic will be your guide, confidante and inspiration.