Compatibility: Aquarius and Cancer

The zodiac sign pairings can all work if you are willing to put in the effort and the connection between Cancer and Aquarius is the same, but it will be hard work. Cancer and Aquarius compatibility is such a challenge because both signs are self-focused, but their approaches are very different. Still, if both partners are willing to put in the work and be respectful of the other’s interests, there is a chance for this union. Cancer, ruled by the Moon and a water sign, will need to find communion with Aquarius that is a fixed air and ruled by Saturn and Uranus. This will not come easily. This will be explained a bit better below.

Passion (Score 1/5)

Cancer and Aquarius have different views on things like trust, sex, and vulnerability. Cancers are emotional and sensitive, believing intimacy is of greater importance than the act of sex. This means they focus on cuddling, sensuality, and warmth. Cancers are slow to open up, fearing judgment. By comparison, Aquarius are known to push boundaries, enjoy sex as an exploration of the mind and body, and crave new experiences. Aquarius is a fixed sign so they will struggle to look outside their liberal views about sex. This means Cancer can be slow while Aquarius takes it fast and the incompatibility can create difficulty with fulfillment and intimacy. To make things work, Cancer must step back to think about sex more often and Aquarians need to try to feel their partner more.

Communication (Score 3/5)

Compatibility in this area is good for Cancer and Aquarius because both signs have an attention to detail and the power to turn an idea into a reality. This drive and compromising ability to reach success are areas that are common. however, both signs are also opinionated so heated disagreements may occur, especially if Cancer is focused on a specific outcome. Cancers can get overly emotional while Aquarians are overly rational. Both are active thinkers, but may jump to conclusions when a rift already exists. To make the partnership work, both people must recognize, respect, and acknowledge their partner’s unique ideas. This can set up strong communication and closeness.

Feelings/Emotions (Score 1/5)

These signs struggle to connect emotionally as both feel strongly, but approach it in different ways. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is the most emotional of all the signs. They crave consistency and stability, but are also empathic, intuitive, and sensitive. This makes an emotional connection a top priority. Cancer sees relationships as an investment and will not let others in until they know trust exists. They will not let things go if something has deeply hurt them. Aquarians are disturbed by this emotional intensity because they are highly intellectual. To make the connection, the two signs need to build trust and be very communicative.

Beliefs (Score 2/5)

Cancer and Aquarius have very different philosophies. Cancers tend to be highly traditional, valuing home and family while living conservatively. Aquarians tend to be the rebels and innovators who want new technology, experiences, and ideas. Cancers want a stable place to nest, while Aquarians crave freedom and new horizons. These seems like opposites, but the two can teach each other a great deal about the world. When they indulge one another’s interests and allow time to recharge, they can manage adventure and stability.

Friendship (Score 3/5)

For these two signs, a platonic connection is probably the best and most compatible. They are both loyal and devoted to those they respect. While Cancers prefer to ground themselves, Aquarians are more eccentric in their life experiences and both can help the other learn to step outside their comfort zones. Their overall compatibility score is a two out of five.