Crystals for Every Empath

People absorb the energies of other people and things around them. This can be overwhelming when the energies are negative. Crystals can help you to separate your feelings from other people and they can also help you to learn to balance your life and to keep your emotions in check. Crystals can help you to be grounded.


The crystal Hematite is a great stone that can help you to have strong emotions. This stone is a great stone if you are an empath. You can meditate while you are holding this stone and it will help to keep you safe.


This is a very pretty stone that will help you to have strong emotions and to balance your life when your emotions are out of control. This is a great stone for empaths and will help you to have clear feelings and will open up your third eye chakra.

Black Tourmaline

If you need protection, this stone is a great one to keep negative energies away from you. Carry this in your pocket or your purse whenever you need to be safe.


Keeping amethyst by your bed or in your pocket can help to keep you calm. This is a crystal that you should use if you want to keep your spiritual being strong.

This is a stone that can get power when left in the sun and it is easy to recharge.


This is a great stone for people that need to increase their emotions and to find peace and happiness. You can use this stone under your pillow or in the drawer beside your bed so that you can have peaceful sleep.


Crystals can help you in many ways. If you need protection, need to have your heart opened or you need to increase your giftings, using crystals can help you.

There are many different crystals to choose from and you can find the perfect ones for yourself by looking online.

Use your intuition when you are choosing a crystal and your intuition can help you to pick the crystal that will help you with whatever you need in your life.

Most people will find that crystals are easy to use, and they are easy to have close to them. This can be in the form or jewelry or it can be kept in a bag close to you or in your purse.