Four Reasons a Soul May Come Back

Those who believe in reincarnation believe that souls come back to earth for a purpose. The ultimate purpose is to learn, but you may wonder what is it I am supposed to learn? To answer that question, you must understand the basic ideas around the soul and reincarnation.

The purpose of every soul is to love conditionally. This is the essence of the universe and what calls us to be at peace. However, learning to love unconditionally can be problematic because we are not good at it. It takes practice. Those who believe in reincarnation believe this is why people come back in other lives, to practice and get it right. Every soul comes to early with a divine plan and purpose but the goal is to put the consciousness of love into our daily lives and in all that we do. That can be difficult with free will and following earthly desires rather than higher vibration desires can slow your progress into true spirituality.

With that in mind, there are four aspects of learning the soul must conquer to achieve the goal of ultimate peace and enlightenment.

Lessons for the Soul

Many opportunities to learn lessons exist on earth. Those who believe in reincarnation state we can choose the life we will live before we are born and we choose based on what we think will be the best ways for us to practice love. In these decisions, relationships are the foundation for any life as they present ways to learn like no other. Most of our learning will involve relationships whether it is family, spouses, friends, or co-workers.

Families and Social Groups

Many people come back because they haven’t learned how to love through those closest to them, which are their families. Some families are awesome because they get along, and value each other. Dysfunctional situations show that the group is still learning and the lessons may be extremely difficult to learn. Family members often present the most obstacles to your faith path but can be tremendous teachers too.

Families are where we learn how to love correctly. They are the first relationships we build and we judge all others by them. A family’s view of us is often how many of us define ourselves and sometimes that is incorrect.


There is nothing more intimate than two souls sharing one life. These are people drawn to each other and live as one, whether married or not. These relationships are beneficial to both because each learns from the other and, more often than not, one fills in a strength where the other has a weakness. Soul mates help us discover the truth of ourselves and the universe when we may have missed it on our own.


Friends offer a rich source of information and learning that can’t be found anywhere else. That makes them an important part of your reincarnation plan. Those who hold to the reincarnation idea believe that soul groups plan out their lives together in the spirit world. They decide how they can help each other when they come back to earth and what lessons they can teach each other. Issues of trust, respect, and gratitude are worked out over the various lifetimes.

One thing to remember about friendships is it involves the law of attraction where you attract those most like you. That can be good or bad, depending on your positivity or negativity. It is best to opt for love and acceptance so those are the ones we bring into our lives.

Developing Mindfulness

Those who are attuned to life lessons will gain a sense of mindfulness and intention. This helps them make better choices and have better interactions. It also helps people live from their heart, where compassion and understanding reside, rather than the head that contains criticism and judgment.

Once we see others as taking the same journey as us, we can offer more compassion and exhibit more love. Changing that perspective will raise vibrational energy and that shifts your entire environment. The changes in us will also change every relationship we have and that can inspire us and others.