How Angels Talk to You Every Day

Angels are not just creatures with wings but there are there to guide you and to help you. Angels are a word that is universal and not everyone describes an angel the same way. Some think of an angel as a creature while others believe that it is a messenger that has come to guide you each and every day.

Here are some ways that angels might talk to you:

  • Dreams

Some people will get a message from their angels in their dreams. They might not remember the dreams when they wake up but if they do, they can get the message. The best thing to do is to make sure that you are communicating with your angels before you go to sleep so they can come to your dreams.

Ask your angels to visit you in the dream and when you wake up, write down what you dreamed about. Even if the dream doesn’t seem to have angels in it, write it down. As you keep getting messages in your dream, you will have a better recall.

  • Feelings and Sensations

Another way angels talk to people is through feelings and sensations. If out of nowhere you start to get tingly or the hairs on your arm stand up, your angel could be close to you. Don’t be afraid of this but ask your angels to guide you. Thank them for being with you and supporting you.

  • Verbally

Sometimes angels can talk to you directly. They can give you answers to what you need, and it can come in your head, or it can be a voice out of nowhere. This will often happen when your angels want to keep you safe and secure.

Even if you think you are just imagining the voice, let it guide you and see where it gets you.

  • Sounds

Angels might communicate with you through sounds. When this happens, talk to your angels and let them know that you hear them. Thank them for giving you sounds and ask them if they are trying to give you a message.

  • Mental Pictures

If you get a mental picture, you are probably someone that is visual. This might happen after you have just meditated. You might see a light or a clear image in your mind. This can happen no matter where you are, and it can disappear fasts.

Pay attention when you have this happen to you because you are becoming more open to communicating with your angels.

  • Symbols and Signs

Sometimes your angels might give you symbols or signs to get your attention. This can be a feather or coin that you found, or it can be a song that comes on the radio. You might even see a billboard of something you are trying to figure out.

You can know that these are real signs form your angels because they will have a strong feeling with them. If you have a strong feeling and you are aware that your angel is close, thank them.

  • Animal or Person

Angels can communicate with you through the help of another person or an animal. If a strange animal comes out of nowhere, your angel might be near. A person can also come and give you an open message and this can be something that your angel really wants you to know.

Be confident in knowing that your angel is around. Always be thankful for their presence and let them know that you are listening.

Final Thought

Angels are there to guide you and help you. Listen to the messages that they want to give you and embrace their love and care.