Karmic Twin Flames

Some people don’t like to describe karmic as a relationship because if your current partner is your twin flame then there is no sense of describing it as karmic.  A soul contract does not mean that someone has karmic things attached to it.  This can make things inferior and cause people to have a different light on their karmic relationship.

A true twin flame connection is a connection that is strong and that is something that is inseparable in the lifetime.  Even if you split up, the universe will make sure that you will someday be together again.

If you consider your current partner to be your twin flame, then if this is true then you will not reunite with them in the lifetime because your soulmate can make you happy.

There is something that your twin flame will be that having a soulmate will not be.  If you have a soul contract with someone then this can be a romantic love or another kind of relationship where you are trying to understand and fit in with life and love.

You will have a soulmate or a twin flame that will not always od what you hope they will do and will not always meet your cravings in life.  There are misunderstandings about soul connections but when you meet your twin flame, this is the strongest connection of the universe.

Most people want their twin flames to be their karmic partners be3cause they have hope that there is someone that is good for them.  By avoiding fear and being able to know that you have a sense of control, a karmic connection can make you be able to move on in life and be strong regardless of your connections.

If your twin flame is your connection, then it will explain your journey and romance can be possible but that is not always so.  Having a twin flame will be life altering and will change who you are.  Being with your twin flame is a journey that you will never imagine, and they will always be by your side.

They will be there and will cause you pain, but they will also bring you happiness.  They will change your life and make you different than you ever thought that you would be.

Can Your Soulmate Be Your Twin Flame?

You cannot hold on to the idea that your twin flame is your karmic partner, but you have to figure out this connection.  There is a lot if information that is not real about a twin flame and you have to learn to understand the twin flame journey.

You have to understand that your twin flame is someone that is there to teach you a lesson and that they will be there to help you to solve your karma but that does not mean that they are there just for that.

Your twin flame’s love interest will benefit you as well and if you understand this, you have to know that you cannot change your twin flame.  You must know that the journey that you have with them is about you and not about them and that you only need to work on changing who you are.

Karma will help to change the other person and you have to worry about your own energy and how your twin flame will affect your life and not what you are doing.  It doesn’t matter what you are wanting them to do, it matters what you are doing.

No matter the reasons for the twin flame in your life, the important question is why they are showing up.  Each thing that happens for a reason and if there is someone that is in your life at the moment then the chances are that it is for growth.  This person will serve as a way of healing you.

Having a twin flame reunion is something that allows you to settle what is going on in your life and that karma is involved and does not make the relationship a karmic relationship but can be a twin flame or a soulmate connection.  Remember, all relationships have some type of karma with them.

Karma is not a bad thing, it comes, and it can be negative or positive, but everything happens so that you can reach the highest good.  If something is negative, it is there to teach you to grow at a deeper level.

The only thing that pure karmic relationships are for is to teach you a karmic lesson so that you can suffer less form it.  A soulmate can work through many of your karmic issues and help you to resolve things and to heal and grow.  A twin flame brings on a karmic change and helps you to be purged and will allow you to go through bumpy times.  The twin flame will help you to work out all of your karma and will allow you to get rid of your karmic vibrations that can be low.

This will help you to reach a new level in your life.  Remember, soul contracts are there to teach you about karma in your life.  They are made to last for a short time, or a long time and you can have multiple issues with them.

A karmic connection allows you to have an eternal person that will always be there through your soul journey and that is your twin flame.

If you look at a soul contract you will understand that a soulmate connection is your ally and they are not your enemy even if they feel like it.  They agree with your soul to come to you and to align their spirit with you for a while.

A twin flame will be a union with you that is deeper, and they will help you to heal wounds that are deep inside of you so that you can achieve self-love and heal your subconscious wounds.

A twin flame will not always be there with you they will sometimes leave you.  Sometimes, they will marry you and be your partner but if they are a runner, they will run for a while.

Your twin flame is also working on themselves and even when you are wounded, they are there to help you grow and to grow themselves.  The wounds are subconscious and physical wounds and we are not always aware of them.

Sometimes our mind will direct our life and govern our subconscious being.  We also have an unconscious being that I governed by our past wounds and our believes and this can affect who we are until we heal.

What we believe inside of us is what we show on the outside and if our inside wounds are not being healed and are being triggered, it can be because of your relationship with your twin flame.  They can come and bring our reality to perspective and make us aware of things.  They can be someone that accesses our deeper wounds and our experiences to help us reach a better way of lie.


In most situations, we might be jealous of others but when we are with our twin flame, we will no longer have this.  We will of course have free will, but your twin flame will always pick you over everyone else and they will be there to reward you in your life.

Your feelings will not be inferior in this type of relationship and even if it is a romantic relationship it will be someone that is there just for you and will always be truthful to you.  They will be a soul gift to you, and they will always sacrifice themselves and will help you to heal your deep wounds.  They will love you and even if they are with someone else, they will want to be with you instead.

There will be deep layers of the past that attract them to you and even if this is not romantic, the vibrations are there and this can cause there to be fear in the relationship because the highest frequencies come with your twin flame.

This can be a scary thing because the society around you will tell you that you are crazy and that this cannot be real.  You will see though that this is true and that your twin flame is meant to be with you, and you will hold on to that outcome of what will happen.  You will wait for them and even chase them if you have to and this will make the divine relationship happen.

You might have to wait for them to get out of their current relationship to be with you and if this happens it happens because you need healing and you have to work to have your twin flame back.  They will not want to let you go and will internally surrender to you.  They will use their telekinesis to talk to you and to not let you slip away.

The reward of this journey will be to be with your twin flame.  All of your karma and hurt will be there but it will get better through healing and meditation.  It will show your twin that you are not there except by free will and that you agreed with your soul connection and the pre-plan of your life.

This is the person you were meant to be with and is not an accident or a mistake.  The person has agreed to be on earth with you and you will grow and heal together.  You will see that free will is there but that the soul will bind you together.  Your twin flame is not something that you can choose but the universe chooses it for you.

Sometimes you will have to wait for them and sometimes you will have pain and suffering but you will be transformed and you will work past all of your trauma and you will see that you are not obsessed with others but that you are focusing on yourself and your healing.  If you and your twin flame do this, then you can be happy, and things will work out well in the end.


Your twin flame will help you to heal because heaty will show you parts of yourself that you did not know existed.  You will talk for hours at a time and you will know that things are strong between you.  You will know that they love you and you will love them unconditionally.

You will be aware of the fact that they are there to be with you and they will want to give their all to you.  This will be everything that they have and will give you proof that they love you.  They will want to put everything down for you and be with you above anyone else in the world.

There might even be times where you feel suffocated by their love, but you will work through this and be able to identify what is going on.  You will heal and you will become everything that is good for each other.

If you need a psychic to help you heal then you should do this so that you can grasp what is going on in your life.  You need to live in the present and let your twin flame come to give you a chance to share your emotions and not to hide them or put them away.  You need to get these emotions outside of you and not put them in a deep place where you are stopping your healing.  You need to connect to them and experience what they have to show you.

You need to learn to trust who you are and to keep your memory clean and safe.  You need to trust your energies and the energies of your twin flame and believe that the universe is on your side and that it is your lifeline.  Stay connected and safe and allow the world to show you what you need to see.

Grow with your twin flame and see yourself into a different place.  Trust that you will be able to understand the universe and that you will always have your soul connection.  Experience things from a different perspective and learn to be in control and to be safe but to give up some of your emotions to others.  Stop carrying around past wounds.

Believe in your connection and allow yourself to live a life that tis not an illusion but is part of a healing process.  Allow yourself to shift and to connect or reconnect with this person and let yourself be happy with your twin flame.

Remember that the spirit world knows you better than you know yourself and it will work with you to be able to free yourself and when you meet your twin flame this will happen.  Allow your twin flame to help you through your journey and to be a part of your physical and spiritual life.

Your twin flame will be there to block internal feelings and to remove blocks that cause you not to be able to have a perfect union.  Send yourself love and allow the divine partner to give you a journey that will guide you and protect you forever and ever.