Past Life

Most people have at least some curiosity about reincarnation and whether they have been to this planet before. One of the most common questions ask about this is “Who was I in the past life?” A quick online search will help you find a few quizzes to at least narrow down your gender, how you died, what country you were from, and possibly what you did. While this can be fun, the quizzes are limited in their ability to help us understand who we were and how we can use this knowledge to become more whole and heal. If you are serious about becoming happier and more balanced, learning about your past life, then keep reading.

Reincarnation is not what most people think. There is one issue that all religious, divine people focused upon. The point being that the mind is limited, the self an illusion, and that we are all the same at the core. If our identity is an illusion, how can reincarnation be possible? Reincarnation of the self is only as possible if you believe the sense of self is real. If you believe that you are your personality and separated from everything, you will believe the popular thought that your identity will be reborn into a new circumstance and body. Still, this could be considered another illusion that perpetuates based on the ego that only wants to survive in some form. Reincarnation is appealing to most because it reassures us that our egos remain after we die. Reincarnation is the process of recycling energy. The conscious essence that animates us goes away after death and is remade into something new. All of the memories, wounds, and lessons we have developed are left on the non-physical layer which is psychology as the collective unconscious. The new being is a fresh start, but as it matures, it has the job of healing the inherited wounds.

While it may not be possible for our personalities or identities reincarnate, we can still discover who we are in past lives because we are part of the same underlying consciousness. Put another way, we have been every person that has existed and we carry an imprint of their strengths and weaknesses. Much like inheriting mental, physical, and emotional information, it is possible to inherit spiritual maladies. As life matures, advances, and evolves, so do our emotions and spiritual lives. Collectively, we are all evolving and discovering our inherited core wounds so we can be happier and more fulfilled. In discovering these, we raise the vibrations of the world for the future. You may feel linked to a specific person, have flashbacks of many lives, or just have a sensation that you need to resolve something specific. Everyone is different.

Below are a few recommendations to help you uncover who you were in a past life:

  • Examine Nostalgia – Whatever attracts you, interests you, or creates nostalgia should be examined closely, even if it makes no sense at first.
  • Dream Repetition – Learn to distinguish between dreams and dreams that feel life like because this second thing may present a doorway into the collective unconscious. Repetitive dreams carry important messages and reveal what the subconscious is focused on or fixated with.
  • Set Repeated Intentions – Set an intention before trying to revisit your past life through self-hypnosis or meditating. Repeat your intention several times before going to sleep or in a meditating state.
  • Reflect on Those in Your Life – What powerful lessons, even if harsh, have those closest to you taught you? If there is a particular theme, you can probably sense it. We all enter life with a soul group that collectively work to resolve the karma that is accumulated. This is what the lessons are doing.
  • Stare Into Water or a Mirror – Using your reflection as a focal point enter into an altered state on consciousness. To do this, get into a comfortable position and dim the lights. Keep your intention in your mind, relax your gaze as you focus on your reflection. Make sure to hold eye contact, but gently. You can start with ten minutes, but can go as long as needed. As the time passes, your face will change shape and appearance, take note of what you see.
  • Connect the Dots – Using the practices above, explore your past life and inherited wounds. These are just a few basic exercises, but feel free to expand as you delve deeper.