Trusting Your Gut

Trusting Your GutYour gut might not always be right, but it probably isn’t always wrong either.  You need to learn when you should trust your gut and when you should listen to the voice inside of you.  Are instinct and intuition the same?  The answer to this is no.  There are differences that you can see if you look for these differences.

Asking if there is a difference between instinct and intuition is asking if you should follow your heart or you should follow your head.

What is Instinct?

Instinct is when you behave or act a certain way.  You might have maternal or paternal instincts and not allow your kids to do something or go somewhere.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is when you feel something, but you don’t have a true reason or proof that anything is wrong.  You might feel something in your heart or mind telling you not to go someplace or not to do something.

Having intuition means that you are taking in subliminal messages that are not in your mind or thought.  It is important to have intuition when you are trying to decide if something is right or if you are judging something.

Being intuitive means that you know things without proof or reason.

Is it Real?

Many prominent people believe that intuition is real and valuable.  Science does not have any real proof as to why our minds and hearts work together to make intuition happen and it is just known that the brain sends patterns that we feel we have seen before and it makes us know something without really knowing it.

Some compare intuition as an internal computer.  Many people believe that knowing something is a magical ability that we have and is part of the natural gifts that we have.

Trusting Your Intuition

Intuition means that you can have a chance to make better choices.  Professional people can make a lot of money by following their intuition.  Do you trust intuition to help you find good relationships?  Should you trust your intuition at all times?  Common experiences can help you to trust your feelings more but what happens when the experience is new to you?

Being Afraid

Some people have intuition and they do great unless it comes to relationships.  They feel that if they follow their gut feelings that they might not be making the right choice and they might ruin things.  They feel that their gut might be lying to them.

Trusting your gut is something that no one is sure all the time that they want to do.  Some people will say to always trust your gut or to follow your heart because your heart will always be honest with you.

Could That Be Wrong?

Your gut instinct might be based on being afraid.  It is not easy to know if a relationship is right or if it will end up working out and it can take years to see this.  You might have a gut that tells you not to do something because you have been rejected before or have lost someone you love.

The gut feeling might feel like a bad feeling when you are about to do public speaking or acting.  This might make you want to run and hide but that is really just anxiety and stress.

Difference Between Fear and Intuition

There are differences between fear and intuition if you take time to look inside.  You can find that when things are high in your life like a relationship move or a job move that you might have a gut feeling not to do it because you have lost in relationships and jobs in the past.

You might see something as a loss and instead of it being intuition, it can be fear.  Not paying attention to that can cause you to lose out on something that might end up amazing for you.  Following your gut instinct can cause you pain because if you are always following it then you might sacrifice something that is good.


When you feel that danger is close, you will react.  Your gut might tell you that something is a threat to you and cause you to have a fight or flight response.  This can be expressed through a gut feeling and this is important to listen to.

When something is not a danger like meeting a new friend or taking a new job, chances are it is fear and not intuition.

Should I Follow Instinct or Intuition?

Having gut feelings are important when there is danger.  Sometimes gut feelings come when things are going to be a big change.  When people are worried about a big loss, their gut might tell them not to do it.  The gut is an emotion that can be mixed with fear.

Intuition is different than this and you have to learn to understand the difference between your intuition and instinct.

Instinct Versus Intuition

When someone wonders if their gut is always right, they need to know that trusting your instinct means that you are trusting something you know and when you trust your intuition, you are trusting something you don’t know.

Pure intuition will bring you peace, confidence, a guiding voice, a neutral attachment, thinking and will help you get in the flow.

Instinct will make you want to run, will cause strong sensations, will make you have unhealthy attachments, comes from the ego and can cause behavioral situations.

Using Instinct and Intuition

Instinct and intuition can go hand in hand and can help you when you need to respond to an emergency.  When this happens, life threatening situations can make both of your actions work together to keep you out of danger.

Gut Feeling About a Person

When you have a gut feeling that your relationship is not healthy, you need to follow these tips.

  1. Know if you are just being vulnerable and are afraid of fear.
  2. See if your sensations are telling you something.
  3. Try natural ways to get rid of anxiety.
  4. Check to see if it is pure instinct or pure intuition.

Try to look at things form a different perspective and see if you can use pure intuition.

Calming Gut Instincts

Gut instincts in relationships can cause you to miss out on meeting someone special. This will be different if you feel something is wrong.  Learning about your feelings can lead to you being watchful and working to make sure you are following the right patch.

Pay attention to what other people say.


If you have a hard time with relationships and you feel that you are always sabotaging your own relationships, try to think in your mind and focus on what your emotions are.

Meditate so that you can open up your channels of intuition.  Never ignore instincts if there is danger and if that means danger in a relationship, pay attention.