Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are graceful and beautiful insects. If you decide to get a butterfly tattoo, this can have a meaning in Western culture. Butterfly tattoos will look different depending on who gets them from different colors to the different style that you choose. There are different looking butterflies including tribal or regular styles. Some of the tattoos will look lifelike while others will be more abstract.

Some people will choose to get one butterfly while others will want to have multiple tattoos of butterflies. These can be put with a nature background, or they can just be whimsical tattoos. Butterfly tattoos can also be masculine if they are put with skulls or other manly things.

What Does a Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

The butterfly tattoo is normally looked at as a feminine tattoo and it can mean to be reborn or to have freedom. Since the butterfly comes from a caterpillar, it goes from something that people see as ugly to something that becomes beautiful. This change is called meta morphosis.

Different cultures have different meanings for butterflies. Some mean love while others can mean resurrection. Some cultures have different meanings for butterflies and not all butterflies mean the same thing.

Where to Get a Butterfly Tattoo

The place where you get your butterfly tattoo can change the meaning of it. Some will get it on their back or their ankle while others will have tattoos on their chests or their thighs.

When You Want a Butterfly Tattoo

If you want a butterfly tattoo, this can mean that you want to show people that you are free. It can also mean that you have a strong feminine energy or that you are a free spirit. If you have been through some kind of major life change, a butterfly tattoo can show that you appreciate the changes and the growth that you have accomplished.

What Does Their Butterfly Tattoo Mean to You?

Have you noticed that someone around you has a butterfly tattoo? This can be a sign for you. It can mean that the person is there to show you what change looks like or it can show you that the person is friendly or kind. Maybe you are starting to see butterflies everywhere and if so, this can mean that the butterfly is your spirit animal.