It’s no secret, psychics have received a bad rap over the last couple of decades. From fortune telling tents at every circus, to certain famous mediums being exposed or debunked on national television, it’s perfectly normal, and a sign of heightened social intelligence, to be skeptical of the services we offer. In an effort to lift the veil, so to speak, or give you some insight into how we provide our psychic services, here are five things other psychic providers would never tell you.
1. Remove the Word Psychic from What We Do.
If you take away the mysticism and talk of spirits, auras, and energies, at the end of the day, we’re here only to help you. Many of us, on this platform anyway, have day jobs, relationships, and troubles of our own. We log on because we feel responsible to share whatever gifts we have with those who need them. If you remove the word “psychic” from what we do, really when you call us, we’re just people who give advice. We honestly want you to have the best life possible. We want that missed romantic connection to spring back up from being seemingly lost in the past. We want you to be offered the job of your dreams, have a beautiful home, healthy love life, and to travel your life’s journeys trouble free.
Unfortunately, many of those desires aren’t possible, but, two heads are almost always better than one. Better than just the opportunity to be given advice, we do so in a completely anonymous way. When you call one of our advisors, we aren’t given your account information to look at, we don’t know where you live, who you are, or what your story is unless you tell us. You can openly talk about your feelings and desires and never feel judged or neglected the way you might talking to somebody in real life about the same concerns. We don’t gossip amongst each other about readings we’ve given or use any tactics to make a conversation last longer than it should. Strip away our psychic abilities, and we’re still people who want one thing, and that’s whatever you want for yourself.
2. We Can’t Explain Our Abilities.
As an author, and as a psychic, if anybody should be capable of explaining a psychic connection, it should be me. I want you to know that it’s impossible, unless you’ve had one. I know that seems like a cop out, but imagine this. If I asked you to explain what it feels like to stub your toe, you might say it’s painful, it’s normally sudden and unexpected, you might even delve further and explain how it’s a sharp pain, normally lasting between 1 and 10 minutes, etc, etc. But if I asked a person who’s not in tune with their psychic abilities to explain what a psychic connection is, they’ll get a bit lost. The reason for this is simple, we explain through relation.
If I tell you that I hit my funny bone off of a table yesterday, you’ll likely know what I meant because you’ve had a similar experience, but if I tell you that I sensed danger in a woman’s life in front of me at a supermarket, you’d probably have no idea what I meant. This is why we seem so weird when you listen to our messages on the website or read advertisements for any psychic anywhere. We’re trying our best to explain a sensation that most people won’t ever experience, and that’s the source for nearly all the skepticism surrounding psychics.

3. We’re Almost Never Certain
I don’t mean to say that there’s no upside to being in tune with energies, spirits, or auras, but almost all psychics have “I can’t believe I didn’t see that” moments. In my experience I’ve had callers ask me if they’ll be reconnected with an ex and I’ll sense an upcoming romantic relationship with a person from their past who they’ve been romantic with before. I’ll ask questions about the ex and try to get a good sense that I’m reading the same energy that they’re explaining, and instead of forcing the call to go on for more time by explaining what I’ve seen, I’ll simply say “yes”. In most cases, I’m right, but in other cases I’ll get calls back weeks later where the original caller ran into their high-school sweetheart at work and fell in love all over again, then I seem like a fake.

As advisors, we are all still learning every day. We’re going to make mistakes, we’re going to misread certain situations, and sometimes we’ll be way off. This is in no way an indication for the power of our psychic abilities, rather, a sign that we’re actually human. Because of the way energies and auras work, there’s no certainty in many situations, but we can guide you in the right direction.

4. We’re Applying a Skillset That Everybody Has
You’ve had plenty of experiences before where you’ve known what was about to happen before it happened. You can sense when people are upset, in pain, or feeling good, we just take that a tiny bit further. Our gifts are simply an attunement to the world around us that most people never bother to practice. Sure, you may be unable to pinpoint exactly what’s going to happen, or specific events in a person’s past, but with practice and dedication, anybody willing to try can do what we do. Some of us haven’t had to practice these things, and were simply born with a heightened sensitivity to these events, but our skills are like any other in that way.

5. No Problem is too Big or too Small to Talk with Us About
I’ve actually attempted to hone into the energy of a close friend, just to see if he saw where I left my car keys. I’ve also attempted to predict presidential elections by going to rallies and reading the candidate’s energies. Believe me when I say that your problems are important to us as well. We get thrilled when we hear that somebody enjoyed their reading and found the advice helpful, and we’re devastated when somebody feels like we weren’t connected. We want to help you, that’s why we’re here. There’s no reason to feel afraid or apprehensive when using our services. So give it a try, pick up the phone and talk to a psychic for a few minutes, what do you have to lose?