People often look for a spiritual awakening, but some people talk about how hard it can be even though it is an inner peace type of situation.

There are people everywhere that have different religious beliefs and ideas and the idea of most religions is that you develop who you are, and you find peace and harmony in your inner being.

The problem with the awakening is that it can in fact be painful. Sometimes during these things, you will have to deal with things that are hard, and you will sometimes even feel alone. People often have to find that they need to be completely broken down before they can be something better.

Is it Worth It?

People are known to go on the path of awakening and so therefore it must be worth it. There are true ways of living life and when you learn to know your spiritual being, you will learn to commit to it.

Finding awakening is not easy but what happens inside of you can help you get out of a toxic life. There are many people that have talked about their spiritual awakens such as the Dalai Lama and other beings.

The awakening has no place for lying to yourself or to others and when society fills your mind and body with a lot of information that is false and leads you on a wild goose chase to find life, your awakening will help you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. It will change you.

There are things you have to work through, and they are sometimes very challenging but when you do, you will feel better and stronger.

Here are some reasons that a spiritual awakening can be hard:

Things Aren’t Always Easy

Things are not always easy, even waking up. Sometimes when the alarm goes off, we don’t want to get out of bed for anything. Going through your awakening can be similar to that.

You see how your life is and even though you want to change, you might not want to go through challenging things. You want to reach your goals and be strong, but you don’t always want to go through the cleansing inside that is hard and trying.

The way that you believe things and your identity all can challenge how hard your spiritual awakening is. Just like having a career and a relationship, there are things that you will have to do to fulfill your spiritual awakening.

Some people believe that when they are able to be someone else then they will have power, but the truth is, going through an awakening means that you will often feel guilty of your past and you will feel ashamed of what you have done wrong and your pride. The ego plays a big role in how your awakening goes.

You may be one of those people that lie to yourself and tells yourself that things are easy, and things are not going to be hard, but the truth is, an awakening can be hard because it means that you have to change your ideas and sometimes even your identity.

Breaking Up is Hard

Another thing that happens with your awakening is a breakup. You break up with the way that you see yourself and you have to let go of your old life. The identity that has defined who you were and made you feel good about yourself has to leave.

This can be hard for many people because it can cause you to have to change your whole life path and can cause you to have to get rid of things such as material things and superficial things that you once craved to have.

You will see that you are encouraged to be better and if you don’t go through your awakening, you will never be good enough.

An awakening means that you change things and you let go of things that are holding you back, even if they make you feel secure. You take what you thought was right in the past and you change it along with your past thoughts.

Awakening is not something that comes easy and you aren’t given a white robe and a crown for going through it, it is just something that will help you to be the best that you can be. This is something that will help you change in your mind, body, and soul.

The spiritual awakening is something that you will go through without there being a prize at the end. The end goal is to be the best you can be and to reach your inner being.

Looking at Who You Are

When you choose enlightenment, you have to know who you are and not trick yourself or trying to tell yourself that you are someone that you aren’t.

You have to know who you are, and you have to learn to realize that this person can be scary or dirty but that the awakening can help you to face this.

The awakening can help you to look at the decisions that you made in your life, your past mistakes and traumas and your beliefs that have held you back.

You will have to look at who you are, and this might mean that you have to form new relationships and let go of old ones and that you let go of the old you.

You may try to go back to being that person but as you look at your old self, you are less tempted to go back to it but to move forward in your journey.

Alone and Stranded

People are often concerned about how the awakening will make them feel. The truth is, going through this journey can leave you feeling alone and leave you feel like you are the loneliest person you have ever been.

This happens because you let go of your past including people and you learn to experience new things and meet new people. Because we are humans, we seek answers and when doors open, we are sometimes afraid to walk through them.

When the spiritual awakening happens, it can disappoint you that you have had to give up so much, but this will also give you happiness and you will see that this was a blessing to your whole life.

Your need of love will be there, but you will realize that you are wanting a real love and an unconditional love. Get rid of things that used to make you feel that you had to seek love and find a way to know that you are searching for a deeper love.

This can be a lonely journey but everyone who has went through their awakening has made it through this.

Compassion and Pain

The awakening is about waking up and realizing how much you have suffered in life to become who you are.

You realize that you have been living life in a trap and that you have lived a life of pain and hurt. This can even include abuse or manipulation, toxic relationships or other things that have held you back.

When you become more aware, you realize that you are becoming more compassionate. You realize that you are better when you are able to be compassionate with yourself and others and that you can dismiss the pain.

Things that you have went through might have caused you to feel that you have had to face injustice but as you grow, you can see that you are strong, and you are a real person.

Scary Place

The awakening can be a scary place. We go through things and it causes us pain, but we must work through this pain so that we can become better.

The challenge is always going to be doing better and realizing that we have a real reality that we can control and be better at.

When you go forward and you let go of your lies and falsehoods, you will see that you might even feel worse for a while before you feel better.

Things can get dramatic and maybe you have been an object of prejudice or other things but that is just an experience and you have to leave this behind you.

The awakening will make you feel that you are living life by facing a mirror and that you are turning out to be real and you are facing the reality of your life.

This can cause you to be fearful and to try to hold on to things that seem easy and safe, but it is going to change your life like never before.

Fear is something that happens sometimes but when you learn to face your fear then you will see that you are on the right path. When the fear is gone, peace will replace it.

Not a Pretty Sight

The awakening is not always pretty. It takes what is part of you and peels it away layer by layer. Once you get rid of the layers and the labels in your life, you see that you are strong.

You see that you have not lived a life that makes you feel enough because you will not stoop until you are able to see the real truth. You will find meaning in what life has for you.

The real you will be there to change your life. You are not a victim and you are not good or bad, but you are a person that is living life through a journey.

The life that you are living is about you and you will shed the falsehood of your life. This process is not easy, it never was meant to be, and it will help you to grow, even though struggles.

You will survive and you will have an experience that shows you who you are and not what society tells you or gives you.

Your mind will be a part of you that wakes up and your ego will let go of your decisions and will help you to know what way to go in life. You will run towards your awakening because it will open up your desire to go deeper.

This will not be an easy thing and you have to let go of the falsehoods in your life. Do not just talk about what you want but go after it.

Your awakening will be personal to you and no one is going to be able to do this for you. Even if you have heard a million things, to experience this journey is like nothing you have ever seen.

If you are going through your awakening and you want to see things differently in life, know that you are not alone.

There are many people before you and will be many people after you that have experienced their awakening and they have suffered just like you suffered. These people often felt all alone but they became more passionate and they became stronger in who they are.