We turn to psychics to perform readings so that we can gain insight into our lives and get some direction and purpose. It’s important to have answers and direction so that we know what to do next, and a psychic can help with these answers in most instances. But, how do they provide these answers? There are many things a psychic must do to not only hone their craft, but to effectively communicate with their clients, leaving them feeling better after a reading.

A psychic must be disciplined and have two main objectives in mind in every thing they do: helping and healing. They have to be able to handle the serious issues that they hear about, encounter and try to help people with on a daily basis. It’s not an easy task, and it’s often not one that they chose for themselves. Rather, it’s a task that the Universe chose them to perform. So, with that in mind, here are the 7 habits of highly effective psychics.


1. Being non-judgemental and open-minded

Psychics will encounter people from all walks of life, and they may not always understand their clients’ life choices or lifestyles. Furthermore, they may not have experienced some of the extreme human suffering and trauma that their clients have endured. It doesn’t matter what a client tells them, a psychic must remain non-judgemental and open-minded about the situations they’re presented with. No one pays a psychic to judge them; they pay for the advice and direction that a psychic reading can provide them with.

2. Look for signs in everything

Psychics are often linked to the Divine in such a way that messages come through constantly, whether they want them to or not. So, a true psychic is always paying attention to detail and watching for signs. They can come in the form of something really overt and obvious, or something so small that it could go unnoticed. It takes relentless diligence to detect when the Divine is speaking to them through these signs, and must be practiced every day so that they don’t accidentally miss something important.

3. They practice what they teach

Psychics often provide their clients with techniques and exercises to help them in their everyday life. These include such things as meditation and cleansing. A good psychic practices the things they tell you to do. It’s not just talk, they actually do it themselves and are therefore able to give you instruction on how to do these things yourself. Not only do they do the same exercises that they give you, they follow their own advice. It doesn’t really help for a psychic to advise clients to steer clear of toxic people and situations in order to obtain some manner of peace if their own life is a train wreck. So, they follow the wisdom of their advice and apply it to their own lives, as well.

4. They work on their own spiritual development daily

A good psychic is in-tune with the Divine and works to develop their abilities daily. Not only that, they do research, learn about their abilities and constantly learn new ways to help people. This is helpful both to their clients and to themselves. If you don’t work on your spiritual development, and instead choose to use your gifts the same way every day, your spiritual growth will stagnate. Not to mention the fact that it gets boring and it’s easy to get “burned out” if you’re not learning and growing.

5. Cleansing

Unfortunately, psychics encounter a lot of negative situations, emotions and energy on a daily basis. Often, it’s hard to just set these feelings aside when they go about the rest of their day after doing readings and closing their psychic business for the day. The energies and emotions can cling to them like dirt, causing them to become depressed, agitated, etc. So, in order to keep some measure of sanity, they have to cleanse themselves of the negativity daily. Some psychics even perform some small cleansing rituals several times throughout the day, then when they get home, and again before bed.

6. Being honest

Most psychics are in the habit of practicing honesty with their clients. Their clients trust them to provide honest insight and not hold back. It’s often easier said than done, as some of the information is potentially very upsetting to the client, and it’s not always what they want to hear. But, in order to help, they know that honesty is imperative.

7. Being kind and personable

Dealing with people who are lost, broken and looking for guidance is a psychic’s bread and butter. They often have to deliver bad news. What’s more, most of the people they encounter, they’ve never met before. So, a psychic needs to be good with people, approachable, and easy to talk to. And, they have to be able to deliver bad news in such a way as to break the news softly.

All of these habits are important for a psychic, with no one habit being more important than any other. Each one will make a psychic more helpful to their clients, and develop their abilities even more each day. If you’re looking for guidance from a psychic, look for these seven qualities in them to ensure that they know what they’re doing enough to help you.