Being a psychic

If you have the desire to help others or if you feel that you are called to contribute good to the world, chances are that you could be a lightworker.  A lightworker has a calling from the universe and it is someone that is mean to do spiritual services.

If you feel that the Earth needs your help and that you have values that make you feel fake to this world, these can also be signs, and this can be your purpose.  Serving others and doing something good for the world can be your conscious way of having a purpose.

When a lightworker wonders how they can help out in the world and what good they can do, they must first understand their purpose.


A purpose is who you are and what you are and not what you do.  The spirit guides will show you what your soul purpose is and when you find out about your purpose, you will see that you have different attributes that allow you to work tasks and to do them well, because that is what you are meant to do.

Who You Are

You can never estimate who you really are, and you will never see yourself as the universe sees you.  What you achieve by just being you is an amazing thing and is a blessing to others.

Even when you don’t know it, people all around you appreciate your kindness and the effort that you put into being who you are.  All of the positive energies that you leave in the universe through your healing and through your compassion allows you to impact people in both large and small ways.

You don’t have to ask if you are doing good, when you work through other peoples suffering with actions and care, you are doing what you are meant to do.


When you question what is good and special about you then you will find yourself looking deeper into your calling.  Your calling is to love others and to contribute your time and effort to people in need.

Are you kind, caring, compassionate and a leader to many?  If you are, then you are connected to the heart.  Many people will not understand this and if you can pay attention to this question then you can see that you can be your higher self and that the spirit world will connect and communicate with you.

Personal Life

What is interesting about you that you love about yourself?  Do you have energies that make your personal life feel good?  Do you listen to others and help them with their problems?  Do you feel what they feel and use your energies as healing energies?  Sometimes when you are dedicated to people, you can help them to heal.

You might find that the energies that your life gives you helps you to attract people that are in need of you and can use your help.  You can be in a career that is the right career for you, and this can help to show you what your true passions and talents really are.

In order to find your calling, you have to figure out how to find a moment that is good for you and something that brings you happiness and not despair.  You need to work to get to this point in your life so you can live out your purpose and be fulfilled.


When you are looking into the perfect career for yourself, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What can I do to help?
  • Am I good around friends and family?
  • How do I feel about strangers?
  • What is special about me that others don’t have?


Another way to figure out what you are supposed to do is to look at your past jobs.  What did you do that made you feel happy and fulfilled?  Did you train in some type of healing job such as a nurse or a doctor?  Were you a teacher that would impart knowledge to others that want to grow and develop?

If you have never had a job that you liked very much, chances are that you never found your real calling.  Try to do things you have never done and to try out new hobbies and see if they make you happy and make you feel loved.


When there blocks in your life, they hold you back and keep you from finding what your true calling is.  There are different blocks and reasons that we have these blocks.


If you have a hard time accepting who you are then you will have a block in your life that keeps you from fulfilling things.  You will see that you are doing things, but you won’t see that it holds value.  You have to learn to find what your calling is and to accept yourself for who you are.

Once you are able to be who you are, you will realize that you are attractive to others and you will make more friends and be in a position to find your dream job.

Who You Are

Sometimes a person can become full of self-doubt and pain and they will not know who they are anymore.  They find that they are not tuning into the spirit world and this is causing blocks in their life.

You have to get back in touch with yourself and figure out what you really want.  Connect to the spirit world and find out.


Most people have different beliefs and they have a hard time believing that their job is something of value.  Most people have jobs that can help to meet the bills and the needs.

Once you know who you are and you look at the calling on your life, you will use your gift to help others and to find what you are meant to be.


You can find the right calling when you accept that you have value.  You have to commit to your life and have self-acceptance in your life.  You need to increase your self-esteem and you can do this by reaching out to others and doing activities that allow you to express yourself.

Go on a journey and discover what your true self is, who you want to be, what is different about you and what jobs you would love to have and what you want to do that is fulfilling in your personal life.  By doing this, you can express who you are and know who you are and what true reasons that you have for being in the universe.