Psychic Energy

Psychic EnergyPeople sometimes do not believe that if they have a psychic power that they need to use it and so they do not get the use out of their gift that they could if they would just explore and do simple methods of working their energies.

Psychic Energy

Psychic energy is when we have fields of energy around us that are affected by where we are or who we are around.  If we are around a lot of negative energies, then we can have negative psychic energy that reaches us and the same works with positive energy. This affects our instincts and how we are guided.  There are ways that you can increase these gifts.


Energy reading can help you so that you can see what is going on inside of you.  Sometimes, when you have negative energy, you don’t take time to figure out why or you don’t question what is causing it.  When you are always getting negative thoughts or feedback, it can take your energy and cause it to go down.  Stop this by always talking positive to yourself and by being proud of what you do.


Take a break from life sometimes even if it is a job or school.  You don’t always have to work so hard and to put so much stress on your life.  Take time to deal with your mental and physical self.  Take a break and let yourself heal from the energies that you use in a day.


Make a routine that can help you to relax more.  Take time to light a candle and to meditate.  Try to do this before you start your day and before you go to bed.  Learn to be at peace and learn to boos your energy so that it is positive.  Spend time in meditation to clear your mind.

Psychic Energy Renewing

When your body starts to feel worn out, chances are that your psychic energy is drained.  Take time of your day and your life to fix this.  If you go past a place where negative things have happened and you feel horrible, you need to change the route and not go by that place anymore.  Go by places that don’t soak up your energy or cause you to have negative energy.

Channel your energy so that you are doing positive things and making a good impact on yourself and others.