Breaking Free of Karmic Relationships

When you are with someone in a karmic relationship, this can mean that something lights up in your soul. This can be something that you have to face, and you have to understand what to do with it. Maybe you see someone, and you feel that you have known them before and maybe you are in a relationship with them and it is upsetting and intense. You will see that a karmic connection is more than just a connection and it goes way deep into the surface.


Being with someone or something that is familiar to you does not mean it is good for you. Maybe the situation makes you feel comfortable, but it limits you from being the best you can be. If you have a problem with self-esteem, you will think that anything is good for you and you will not do what you are worthy of.

If you feel safe in a relationship just because of your past, this can mean you are putting up walls and you have not solved these self-issues yet.

Being in a karmic relationship can cause you to be sucked into patterns that keep happening. They can come over and over again and they can be different than what you wish for or what you want but you will keep repeating them.

When you start new patterns, it will be more effective, but it will cause you to have to put effort in it and see things in a different light. You will have a hard time with this, especially if you have self-esteem issues, but you can do it.

You might wonder if you are someone than you thought, or you might feel that your friends and family are unhappy or even threatened by you because of your change. You have to break free from these karmic bonds to find happiness.

Love Versus Karma

Love and karma can be two different things. Karma can be a rollercoaster relationship that has both ups and downs, but a real love relationship should be full of love, peace, happiness and more. You should have mutual respect and kindness for each other.

In a karmic relationship, someone might hurt you on purpose and even if the sex is great, it does not mean that the fights are easy to take and you might feel that the fights are so bad that they are sometimes unforgivable. A karmic relationship can be intense and can be hard to deal with.

Karmic relationship tricks you into feeling that you are meant to be with this person. There are thousands of people that are stuck in karmic relationships and these are people that will often keep getting back in the same relationship because they think that they can change the person or that things will be better this time around.

These relationships are to teach you a lesson so that you can move on.


One thing that has to happen is that you have to accept that you are in a karmic relationship. You need to make sure that you are not being fooled into thinking that you are in love with this person or to let them control you.

Karma is addictive and you have to learn that it has a purpose only to teach you a lesson and not to make you happy or whole.

Your friends and your family will point out that your relationship is wrong and toxic, but you have to learn to accept it and believe them. You might know in your heart that they are right, but your body and your mind still want to be with this person. You become a slave to the karmic relationship.

The good news though is that when you begin to realize that you are in a karmic relationship, then you can break it. You can realize that you are strong and that you really want to find love and not what you have going on in your life.


You have to realize that you can learn to get on the right path. You have to pay your karmic debts and this can be a lonely place to be, but when you choose to take charge of the situation and learn from it, you can move forward with someone that really loves you and find happiness.

Next Time

If you want to break the pattern of a karmic relationship, you need to change. Change is what causes these relationships to be broken. Once you choose to change and build your self-esteem, you can move on in your life and find real joy.

Karmic relationships will be hurtful, and you will learn that there is pain and hurt in each of these, but they will make you wise and stronger.

Being aware of what karma does will help you to learn the lesson that the universe wants you to learn. If things do not get resolved though, know that you will be right back to where you were at the beginning.

Not Again

When you are brave enough to change your karma and to pay your karmic debt, you can know that your soul, mind, and body will change. This is because you will take charge of the situation and you will be able to let go of the burden on your life.

Talking to someone about your needs and your wishes and being kind will help you to move forward. Make sure that you do not be unkind and unforgiving, or you will keep these karmic ties bound to you.

Once you learned your lesson, your heart will know that it is time to move forward and time for you to find your destiny in life.