Energy Exchanges Between Soulmates

You will have many different soulmates in your life, and these can be in the form of friends, family and lovers.  Sometimes you will meet a stranger that will end up being your soulmate.

You will develop a bond with them that will be strong and different from the other bonds that you have had.

When this type of energy takes place, you will exchange this with your souls, and this will be a spiritual bond that the universe sends you.

Many people believe that they will only have one soulmate, but that is not true.  A soulmate is there to teach you a life lesson and because of that, you will have many.

This idea is part of a misconception that people have because they think that a soulmate is forever and that is also a false idea.

Some people forget that love and spiritual situations all come from the universe and they forget that this is a universe connection.


One great thing that happens with a soulmate is the idea of telepathy.

Since your soulmate is like a magical connection, there will be ways that you are able to communicate with them without having to talk out loud.

The power of telepathy comes when you have a soulmate, and this means that you can tap into each other’s minds and feelings without even opening your mouth.  This can happen even when you are far away from each other.

Sometimes when you have telepathic abilities, you can find a subject that the other person is thinking.  You can use this power to change the mood of your soulmate so that when they are sad, you can make them happy.  You can heal them and help their emotions to be stronger and healthier.

Spiritual Connection

All things that happen on the earth have to do with some type of energy.  People will have different vibrational frequencies and those people that are involved will be able to compare their frequencies to other people.

The thing with a soulmate is that both people will have the same vibrational frequency and that is why they are able to connect spiritually.

When two people have the same high vibrational frequencies, they will exchange their energies and will be able to see each other not just physically but spiritually as well.

The spirit realm is in the fifth dimension and this is where laws of the earth do not apply.  This is a place where the soulmates can communicate and know what each other is thinking even when they are in the physical world.


Most soulmates will exchange energy, and this helps them to be spiritually sound.  Most of the time, a soulmate will come into your life and it will be a painful experience.  This is because you are meant to find yourself and to get a higher self than you already have.

Having a soulmate prepares you for your twin flame that will someday come along for you.

A soulmate will come in your life over and over again and we will have different soulmates, but a twin flame only happens once.  The twin flame will be the mirror to your soul and will be your one and only.  Some people think a twin flame and a soulmate are the same, but they are not.

Familiar Feelings

A soulmate will exchange their energy with you and so they will automatically feel familiar with you.  This can happen before you even actually meet them because of the memories that you will have already created with them in your past life.

A soulmate will give his or her energy to you and it will come in the form of love and compassion.  This energy exchange will help open you up and show you things about yourself.

When your twin flame comes, you will know that you have reached your emotional state that I necessary for growth.

Your soulmate will bring out the best in you and sometimes they come so that they can help you to heal the suffering that you have in your life.  Be open to receiving your soulmate and see how they change who you are.