Relationships Healing with Reiki

Relationships Healing with ReikiThere are quite a number of opportunities that usually presented to grow relationships with other individuals as we continue with our journey through life.  When we are young we have a relationship with ourselves, friends, parents, and siblings. We include our peers, teachers, and friends in our lives when we go to school. Our focus as young adults is frequently romantic relationships. Romantic relationships always bring us to the starting point when we get in serious relationships as we will now be having new friends and family to interact with.

If you would like to nourish a successful relationship in your life, then Reiki is definitely an effective tool to use. Know that each relationship is a living creature, that’s the first step. After that, it now becomes easy to feel attached to your emotions and feelings and serve as a medium of energy healing that the relationship is directed to.

Imbalance in relationships is always as a result of fear or power related issues. Locate the areas that are vulnerable or imbalance. Your main focus should be the identification of these areas. Selection of an object which can physically symbolize the relationship is frequently helpful. Items that can effectively serve in this role are pictures, crystals or gifts that people have exchanged with each other over time.

The reasons for isolating an object is to clearly pay attention to the healing vitality when working on the relationship and to able to visualize when conflicts arise by giving you a point of reference.

There are frequent vulnerabilities in relationships that show signs that are on the surface very much and can only be seen when dealing with real issues.  The reason why we attract relationships is to help us grow. This usually happens to enable an individual facing power and control lessons to select a relationship with a docile person or a controlling individual. Bringing this vitality into balance is very essential for the survival and peaceful transformation of the relationship.

Isolate objects which symbolizes your relationship if you want to determine the things you need to work on to heal your relationships. Locate a place where it cannot be disrupted and place it. If you would like to carry it with you then put it in a special case or bag. Find a place where there is less interruption. You can stand or sit down facing the object and create an intent prayer.

After saying a prayer, draw all the Reiki symbols and invoke the names of the symbols three times as you draw them. Then draw the symbols on both your palms, third eye, crown, throat and heart chakras. After this process requests the Reiki vitality to flow fully and completely through you for the purpose of gaining clarity and healing this relationship.

Seal it in divine love and healing if you feel like the process is complete. It is essential to appreciate the healing that has just occurred by saying thank you to both guides and forces for their help and send back Reiki to them. Once you’ve felt the energy, let it flow.