Energy Healing from a Distance

Energy Healing from a DistanceModern forms of long-distance communication allow us to easily stay in touch with friends and relatives even if they live in different countries or on different continents from us. But despite these modern conveniences, we still find ourselves in situations where someone we care deeply about is ill, injured, or going through a challenging episode in their lives, and we can’t physically be with them to provide the level of support we’d like to.

Thankfully, it’s possible to help others heal by sending non-physical energy. This can even be done from a great distance. The most common method of distance energy healing is to simply send energy across time and space to the person we want to help. You don’t have to be physically present together to transmit and receive healing energy. It can be done at a time set and agreed upon between the sender and the receiver.

Distance healing may also be done using other non-physical approaches. The sender and receiver can get out of their bodies and meet together while in the non-physical state. This will help even if the receiver does not clearly remember the experience. They may simply recall the episode later as a form of inspiration or insight that occurred to them.

Another method involves spirit guides or helpers that perform the energetic work. Thinking about the person you desire to assist may trigger actions by your spiritual helpers, or by the spiritual helpers of the person that you’re trying to help, on behalf of that person.

Sending and Receiving Healing Energy

Any time we think of somebody, we naturally make a connection to them and send them energy. The externalization process aims to amplify this connection. Anyone can learn and perform distance energy healings, but the process must be taken seriously. If your intentions are good and your means are ethical on all planes of existence, you’re already off to a positive start.

The most typical method of distance healing is sending energies to the person you want to help. Our energy is a non-physical component of our whole self that vitalizes our physical body. Alternative medicine practices this method when promoting improved health.

Your energy produces multiple different effects on the person who’s receiving it. It can calm them, make them feel better, rebalance their chakras and energy body, boost their vitality by positively affecting their physical body, accelerate their recovery, and act as a catalyst in their healing process.

The externalization distance healing energy process simply involves sending some of your energy to another person. This can be done without imagination, visualization, or any other rituals. To perform this process, you will likely need to make several attempts to find the specific mental command that triggers your energy to flow outward. It may take 50 tries or more for you to perform the process reliably, so persistence is important.

To practice, simply begin pushing your energy out. It will help to focus on the energy flowing out through only one side of your body, so you can compare the feelings on that side with those on the other side of your body. These feelings will vary from one person to another. Also, it’s normal to doubt your abilities at first, because you may not be able to discern if what you’re feeling is energetic or physical.

Regardless, you should express confidence in the process. With practice, you’ll discover the specific command that makes your energies flow. Your energy sensations will become clear and become more obviously different from your physical feelings.

For the healing energy to begin working, the receiver must accept the external help. While it is useful to select when and to whom you will be energetically open, based on rational criteria, general mistrust and disbelief will block external energy and make the distance healing more difficult.

Here are several more helpful tips:

  • After sending out your healing energy, you should always make a conscious disconnection. This prevents you from leaving remnants of the process in your energetic system.
  • Avoid creating a pattern of externalizations. In other words, don’t send out healing energy at the same time every day.
  • While certain practices and methods should be followed, you mustn’t mystify the process.

Discernment and Healing

It’s necessary, especially at first, to gauge the quality of the energy that is coming through. Energy from a lucid, cosmoethical healer will feel serene and comforting. It may feel deeply focused and serious, but relaxing and allowing the energy to connect deeply with you will make it easier for you to trust and receive it. The same approach should be used even if the energy is coming from a relative or friend. And if something doesn’t feel right, you should end the process immediately.

The time it takes for a distance energy healing to produce results can vary quite a bit. There may even be times when the attempt will not work at all. The person sending the energy may not able to send enough energy, or may not be able to send it in an adequate format or density to produce the desired effect.

Sometimes, the person receiving the energy may feel better within mere hours after the healing session. Other times, the effects are seen more in the long term, days or even months later. Complete changes in medical diagnoses have been experienced after distance energy healings.

Don’t worry if this all seems implausible. There are many approaches out there—from mystical and esoteric, to objective and technical. So, a healthy dose of skepticism is good as you explore to discover which approach suits you the best. If you’re interested in this type of healing, it will help you to trust your discernment, listen to your intuition, and proceed with an open mind.