EnlightenmentSometimes defining enlightenment is hard because it is different depending on how you ask the question.  If you don’t believe in the spiritual realm then you might feel that there is more life than you know, and this can mean that you might define enlightenment as knowing that you can be one with all things that exist.

Becoming Light

The word enlighten means to become light and when you are spiritual, you feel that you can look at things as light.  Light is important and is seen as a divine source and therefore light is made up of organized information and everything is made of light.

When you feel like you are enlightened, you will feel that there is light on every level of your being.

In the light of mind, it means that you can see light in all things around you, including yourself.

In light of heart it means that you take things lightly and you aren’t too serious.

Light of the body means that you have gotten rid of things that weigh you down such as weight, sickness and tiredness.


Witches do not really believe in enlightenment because it is more of a westerner thing.  Enlightenment is from the West and witches believe that life is spiritual, and they do not believe in battling the darkness.

Dark Side

It is easy to think about dark or night, but this isn’t real.  Spiritual enlightenment is united, and it means that night exists within the duality realm and enlightenment doesn’t fight against darkness.  It sees it for what it is, a divine source.

We don’t really have another word for divine source other than enlightenment because this is spiritual.

Trap Door

The trap door is the balance of light and dark and is a way to get both spiritual endarkenment and spiritual enlightenment.  Witches don’t talk about enlightenment because they don’t believe in it.

The trap is that holding the dark means to reject light, and this is impossible.


If you stop honoring the dark, then you will become attached to what it is.  It is important to find truth and to figure out what is important.  Suns are born but they die and then darkness will live on.

Dark isn’t the ultimate truth because when the universe dies then duality will be lost, and darkness and light will be meaningless.

We need to embrace both darkness and light.

Wiccan Enlightenment

Wiccans view spiritual fulfillment as a manifestation on earth.  They don’t look at enlightenment.  They also believe in spiritual rebirth of the planet and that it is always changing.  Enlightenment according to wiccans can be a state of awareness.

Wiccans want to expand awareness to consciousness and communicate with the divine.

Full Enlightenment

One definition of enlightenment is different for everyone, but the highest level is knowing yourself and all things as being divine.


Part of enlightenment is realizing that you can’t divide yourself form the divine.  You can’t separate from God.  You can’t lose the divine.


This is when you realize that God is there and that you are part of God. You will know this as universal, infinite, love, unlimited and when you know God you will know yourself.