Getting Answers from the Spiritual Realm

Many people today want answers and feel the spiritual realm is the place to get them. It can also be a place of guidance and comfort and that brings many people to spiritualists such as mediums and psychics.

Is There a Difference?

Before you go to a spiritualist, it is best to know something about the different varieties of them so you can find one that meets your needs. Many people think mediums and psychics are the same things. They aren’t. There are also different types of psychics.

The basic definition is mediums deal with spirits or spirit guides while psychics read a person’s inner spirit. Mediums can have psychic abilities but they may not. Some psychics communicate with spirits while others do not.

Mediums can hear spirits through two methods, either mentally or physically. Most report they hear words, see pictures, or feel things in their mind. However, some can force spiritual energy to appear where they are viewed by everyone.

While mediums go into another realm to get answers, psychics concentrate on their client’s inner spirit and how that inner spirit reacts and deals with exterior conditions in life. This can link the past with the future. Psychics made a connection with their clients to get answers.

History of Spiritual Communication

There is a long history of connecting with spirits on earth. It is mentioned in the Old Testament and the ancient Egyptians were fervent believers in obtaining favor and influence from the dead. Australia’s aborigines and Native Americans also incorporated spiritual communication into their belief system.

In America, communicating with spirits became popular in the 1800s and we still have an image of a seance in a Victorian parlor or a carnival fortune teller. These images have made many reluctant to consider the idea of consulting a professional medium or psychic out of fear or the thought they would be ridiculed.

Methods Used

Many have the image of a spiritualist using a crystal ball, but this is a false image. Jewish mysticism used a bowl of water and Druids used herbs and natural components to read the future. However, today spiritualists use a combination of things.

Mediums like objects to hold to draw energy. It could be a picture, a piece of jewelry, or a letter. It is typically an object that was of importance to those they are trying to contact. Psychics typically use tarot cards as a tool. Card imagery is expected to reveal the seeker’s innermost thoughts and feelings and behaviors that are causing issues. A card spread may identify underlying issues and several possible future scenarios. It provides a beginning place for the seeker to take action to guide his or her future through the various scenarios.

Who to Choose?

Whether you choose a medium or psychic depends on your situation. People tend to go to mediums to connect with loved ones. They could have a difficult time with grief or have an unresolved issue and a medium can provide a sense of completion or comfort.

Others choose psychics because they have decisions to make and need some assistance to figure out the best option. They could also have a problem to sort through and desire to know how to handle the situation.

Whichever you choose, understand that mediums and psychics are there merely for guidance. While the spiritual world can offer different options and help in healing in some areas, it is up to you to make decisions that affect your life.