Getting the best out of your psychic reading

If you have decided to get a psychic reading, there is a lot to think about.  There are many people with many different gifts.

So how do you know how to pick a psychic and what should you expect from your reading?

  1. Be realistic and don’t set yourself up for failure

Getting the best out of your psychic readingYou may be setting your sights too high if you expect something ultra specific like having your Aunt Debra on your father’s side come in and tell a medium that she called you Schmoopy.

First of all, a medium doesn’t decide what information gets to them. That is up to the spirit.  All you can do for this type of reading is relax and let your energy do the rest. If you are too closed up, the medium may not be able to connect.

The best thing you can do is to relax and allow the energy to flow. It’s okay to be a little nervous at the beginning (especially if you’ve never had a reading before), but you want to let go and allow your energy to connect with the reader; allow your guides, Angels and loved ones to connect with the reader. If your energy is sealed tight and you are not willing to be open to the information coming through, your reading will likely not be very good at all.

  1. Be sure you ask the right questions.

The whole reason you are seeking psychic guidance is because you want answers and information.  Ask an open ended questions instead for yes and no questions. Prepare questions in advance so you don’t find yourself confused and on the spot. No matter what questions you may have you should keep an open mind about what comes through.

  1. Take note

Getting the best out of your psychic readingIt’s certainly ok to write things down.  Your psychic may record the session, but taking notes will help you center one what resonates with you. Take advantage of the flow of energy as it surrounds your thoughts. Be sure to ask your psych about the recording and note taking.

  1. Make a good connection.

A good connection is more than the psychic energy that you are gathering between yourself and your advisor. You also need to make sure that you are in tune with each other physically. Leave your phone behind or at least turn it off. You owe it to yourself to truly commit to the connection

  1. Be there and be aware

When you schedule a reading, show up on time.  Be ready spiritually. Be your best, fully aware self. Do not show up under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have to cancel, please phone ahead. The psychic has given up time for you.

  1. Get rid of distractions.

Make sure you schedule your time wisely.  Pick a time for your reading when you can give your whole mind and energy to your session. Eliminate all distractions.  Your advisor can’t help you if either of you can’t commit your full attention.

  1. Pick the type of reading you want.

Do a bit of advance research. If you are trying to talk to someone who has passed, you need to consult a medium.   If you want to connect with information that is just for you, you should consult someone who reads cards or uses astrology or numerology

  1. Know your prices

Just because a psychic charges a lot, doesn’t mean that they are necessarily better than one who charges a modest fee.  Price is not a good way  select a psychic. I the road pricing, but you can also find those who offer deals at psychic fairs, etc.

  1. Find the Right One for you

While it is not hard to find a psychic, it a little more difficult to find one with whom you can connect. A reputable psychic will not try to charge you to cast spells to bring back a lost love or remove a curse.

You should rely on word of mouth and referrals to help guide you to a good, trustworthy advisor.

  1. Have fun!

When you find a psychic you like, go! Open your self up to the possibilities and enjoy yourself.  Just let go, be open to the process and the flow of energy!