Spiritual Awakening

If you have ever heard of enlightenment, this means that you have reached your spiritual awakening. This happens when you become awake to the world around you and you see that you have a purpose in the world.

Spiritual awakenings can be hard at first but then you will find that you have better feelings afterwards. The idea behind this comes from Carl Jung. This is when you raise your consciousness to a higher place.

How Does This Happen?

A spiritual awakening can happen and can change your life. It can happen when you go through some kind of trauma or when you move away to a new place.  Or it can just happen out of nowhere. Most of the time it happens when someone fights an illness or experiences bouts of things such as stress or anxiety.

The awakening forces you to look deeper and to see what you need to do in order to change your life.

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Here are some signs you might be going through your spiritual awakening:

  • You feel disconnected to people around you. You might be overwhelmed or confused, and you feel that they no longer like you.
  • You change what you believe, and you have new passions that you want to reach.
  • The dreams you have are very vivid and they are almost like images in your mind.
  • You have more déjà vu and coincidences than ever before. This can be repeating numbers, songs and more.
  • You change the people you hang out with, and your relationships become different. You appreciate the people in your life more.
  • You let your spiritual life become part of your thought process.
  • You have more intuition than you have ever had, and you push your ego down. You feel in tune with who you are
  • You know when someone is trying to manipulate you or to deceive you.
  • You realize that you are on your own path and that everyone else is on their own path. You let people have their own views.
  • You realize that everyone is worth something and that living things are important. You want to make a change in life, and you want to help others to make a difference.
  • You have people come into your life that are teaching you how to live a better life and how to be a better person. This can be a religious person or just someone you meet.
  • You sometimes realize that you feel alone. You feel that you have no one.
  • You feel connected to nature, and you want to spend time outside or in your garden. You also feel connected to animals.
  • You feel that your senses are strong, and you are able to enjoy the world around you.
  • Your body has different sensations even when you are sleeping.
  • You feel sick or you feel that you are in some kind of brain fog. You find yourself daydreaming a lot.
  • You have a change in the things you do and the habits you have. You break old habits that don’t serve you well.
  • You see the world differently and you don’t let the ego control you.
  • You have more empathy for other people, and you want to increase the goodness of the world around you. You see that people are suffering and you want to help them.
  • You are loving and compassionate and you want to help others and be accountable.
  • You are curious about the world around you and you find yourself feeling like a child.

Stages of the Awakening

There are different stages of your spiritual awakening including:

  • At the beginning you get rid of old habits and relationships, and you feel lost and confused.
  • Your soul goes through a rough patch and your soul is getting rid of the ego. You will feel that you are at the bottom and need changes.
  • You become a sponge and you want to see life as awake. You change your hobbies and your relationships.
  • You reach your Satori self which is a Japanese term for comprehending.
  • You allow your soul to go through lessons and you are true to yourself even when you mess up.
  • You surrender your life, and you don’t let the ego control you anymore.
  • You are aware of your life and the moments that you live in. You have clarity and grace.

Opening Up to Your Awakening

Your awakening will not be easy, but you need to make space in your life for it. Develop your spiritual practices and be mindful. Be thankful for what you have and find people that fit in your life. They will help you along your journey.

Have self-love and compassion for yourself and bring balance to your life. Have peace and harmony with yourself even when you struggle.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual awakenings can be hard, but they will improve your life. You will see that you can have an awakening and you can live the life that you need at the time that you need it the most.