Psychic reading cost can range from free to upwards of $1000.  That’s a drastic difference!  So, how much of your hard earned cash should you dish out?  Does a higher fee really mean better quality?  And why does cost vary so much?  Let’s find out!

psychicSome factors that make a great reader or medium include the following:

  • The gift
  • Previous experience
  • Previous training
  • Ethics
  • A good connection with the client

All of these factors are very important when looking for a psychic, but the last factor is of extreme importance because natural ability, timing and experience all mean nothing if your reader cannot make a connection and read you. Thus, you can end up visiting a celebrity psychic who charges you $500 an hour, yet still get a bad reading.

Looking At The Costs

So, given that not all expensive psychic readings are guaranteed to give you a good reading, how much should you really spend for a reading? Here is a helpful breakdown of possible costs and rates, which will help you make sense of things:

Free or Super Cheap Readings

Free or super cheap readings are often priced that way because they are often provided by newbies who are still trying to learn the ropes or honing their crafts. Most readers or psychics who are new in the field usually give free readings to friends and people in their social circles. This can be a great way to get free readings, but be careful, especially when getting online and email readings from people you do not know or psychics you have not heard before. Free readings are also used by many con artists.

images (31)Mid and Above Average

These are readings ranging from fifty dollars to a couple of hundred dollars per hour. This is a good range because you can find many reliable readers in this range. Above average prices are also by psychic readers who have built a reputation over time and are quite popular in their area.

Celebrity Psychic

Celebrity psychics give very expensive readings because they are popular and in-demand. Sometimes the price may not even be because of their experience but more because of their name and the celebrities that have been part of their clientele.

Deciding: How Much Do You Pay?

Deciding on the psychic reader will really depend on your own decision. Some things to consider when deciding:

  • woman-thinkingHow much are you willing to spend? How much money can you afford?
  • Are you willing to pay a little extra for a popular reading?
  • Where does your psychic live? Rates may also vary depending on their area. Sometimes, psychic rates go beyond their skill, because their rates will also cover rental expenses and utilities so a psychic living in a more expensive area may really charge more expensive rates than someone living in a rural area.

Considering all these things and factors, you can then decide how much you are willing to pay and spend for your session. Personally, I recommend psychics ranging from $80 to $150 because you can find ethical and reputable psychics at that price. While this price range is not cheap outright, it can be considered reasonable especially if you get just one or two readings a year.