How to Know if You are a Psychic

Are you someone that believes in the psychic powers of others, and you wonder if you have a psychic gifting of your own? Einstein in the early 1900’s discovered that everything has energy and that means that people, things and everything around us is made up of energy.

When you understand that everyone is made of energy, you realize that you can work off the energy to find things out like psychics who do their readings off of energy. Everyone can be a psychic all you have to do is to tune into your energy.

A psychic will rely on the energy that is in the universe and their own internal energy or their intuition in order to give messages to those that seek answers.

Psychics do not just tell you what is going to happen in the future, but they will have to take time to read your energy so that they can know more about you.

A psychic can predict things based on the things such as energy that they cannot see. When you visit a psychic, you might not want to answer the questions that they give you because you believe that if they know facts about you then they are giving you a true reading.

If a psychic is asking you questions though, they are just trying to connect with you and read your energy. Sometimes psychics can know more about you by asking questions because it makes your energy more open, and it allows them to give you a better reading.

Just because you don’t answer their questions doesn’t mean that they will not be able to give you a reading it just means that they might have a harder time connecting to your energy.

If you get a reading that doesn’t give you the answers that you hoped for, it doesn’t mean that your psychic is a fraud, it just means that your psychic is not able to connect with your energy and this could happen because:

  • They cannot connect with their energy like they should be able to.
  • The client is blocking them from accessing their energy.

A psychic that is good at their job will be able to connect with the energy of others through their intuition. This allows them to be a good reader. Psychics are not magical and most of the time they are able to know things because of the energy that you emit. They are people that have spent time developing their giftings and they have worked hard to become good readers.

You also have the abilities to expand and develop the psychic giftings that you have.

Here are some signs that you have psychic abilities:


You are able to know if someone is lying by talking to them. You just know that you know that they aren’t telling the truth.

Déjà vu

You are someone that has experienced déjà vu where you feel that you have met someone before or been to a place that you do not recall being at.


You have dreams that seem very real. This can be messages from your spirit guides to tell you something.


Someone that has strong intuition has the chances to increase their psychic giftings. Intuition is a gift that the universe gives you.

Feelings and Emotions

You might be someone that can pick up the emotions and feelings of others. You can feel what they are feeling, sometimes even physically.

Paranormal Experiences

You might not have seen a ghost but maybe you have seen things that you were not able to explain.

Colors or Lights

Some people with psychic giftings are able to see lights or flashes of color around them. This can be the aura of others, or it can be spirits going by you.

Feeling Different

You may have not ever felt like you fit in with people and that you were an outcast. Maybe you belong to another planet or to the stars.


You are someone that doesn’t fear death and you wonder what happens when someone dies.

Taste and Smell

Some people are able to taste and smell things that others cannot. This is one kind of psychic giftings that people have sometimes.


If you want to know what kind of gifting you have, you can look online and find out more about psychic gifts. There are ways that you can develop your giftings and where you can get stronger. The more connected you are with yourself and with the universe, the more intuition that you can have.

If you have any of the signs above, you might be going through your enlightenment or your spiritual awakening. Being aware of your giftings can help you to grow in your spiritual self and reach things that you never thought you could do.