How to Make Someone Miss You

There are often people that you will meet in your life that are avoidant people. These are people that avoid things like being in relationships or being intimate with someone but they are not able to avoid when love shows up.

No matter how much someone wants to disagree with love, when it comes to them, avoidant people cannot avoid it. They might choose to close themselves off or to avoid whatever is coming, but the truth is, they don’t dislike love, they just dislike commitment.

According to the attachment theory, there are bonds that happen when you are around people. This is something that happens when you are in a relationship with a romantic partner or even if you are a parent.

Being in an attachment style means that you have a certain attachment to someone that you love. This is a special bond that happens between people that you get close to. Everyone has their own attachment style, and this affects what they feel or what they understand.

Four Attachment Styles

Here are the four attachment styles:

Avoidant Attachment Style

This is a style of attachment that means that the person will avoid you. They have lower anxiety when they do this and they are selfish and put their own needs first. These people are often considered independent.

Most of the time with this attachment style, the person doesn’t want to get into any kind of romantic or committed relationship.

Anxious Attachment Style

This is the kind of style that is anxious avoidant and has high anxiety and low avoidance. This is a dramatic relationship and even though they will be in a romantic relationship, chances are that they are very insecure.

Secure Attachment Style

This attachment style has low anxiety and low avoidance. They are able to be with people that they love in a physical and social way.

Fearful Avoidant Attachment Style

This attachment style is one that is high on anxiety and high on avoidance. These people go into relationships and they get close to people but they worry that they are with someone that is going to betray them or someone that isn’t honest with them.

Attachment theories can show you how a person reacts in a relationship, and it can affect your life in many ways.

Can You Make an Avoidant Person Miss You?

The answer to this is yes. Here is how:

Chasing Him

The best thing to do to make this person miss you is to never chase them. Leave them alone and let them think that you respect their boundaries. Give them time by themselves and let them figure out what they want and who they are.

This kind of person will often avoid being intimate with you and they will distance themselves. They will never want to take the relationship to a new level but they will want to stay where they are. The best thing that you can do is to not chase them. If you decide to stay in a relationship with them, you still have to keep your ground in this.

He is probably afraid to be intimate with you and this is a time where you will have to sit back and wait. Be patient and make sure that you let him know that you are there for him whenever he wants to open up to you.

Wait, Wait and Wait

No matter what is going on, wait. He will probably put himself at a distance from you and once you start thinking about it, don’t call him. You have to wait. Even if he loves you, he will pull away and this is a time to stand your ground and not to contact him.

Don’t lay around waiting for him to call you and do things that make your own life fun. Go out with people that love you and do things that matter in your life. Let him have a chance to miss you. While you are waiting for him to decide what to do next, have fun.

Get Off social media

Take a break off of social media and relax. Live your best life and don’t let things pressure you. Don’t be active on social media because this will make you miss him more.  Know that his personality is one that doesn’t give you the complements that you want and if you are looking to better your relationship on social media, you will not get what you want.

By getting off social media, you will make him wonder what you are doing. He might be one that watches you intently on there and if he doesn’t see posts or pictures online, he won’t know what is going on with you.

Being a Mystery

Be a mystery to keep the relationship exciting. Talk to him and make sure that you are open but don’t share everything. You want him to miss you, and this means keeping some of your own personal secrets, about yourself.

Make him be interested in you and make sure that you are playing hard to get. He will like you more if you do this and he will want to take more time to get to know you.

Doll Up

Take time to doll up when you are going to see him. Let him see what he is missing with you. Leave him wondering what you are doing or wondering if he is going to lose you. Be beautiful every time you see him.

Go to the beauty shop and get your hair or nails done. Draw attention to how good you look. Get a makeover and make sure that you are being attractive. Let other guys make over you.

Show What Your Body Wants to Say

Body language says a lot. Make sure that you have self-esteem and that you are showing him that you are good enough. Don’t be stressed or anxious when you are around him and give him signs that you are relaxed and in control.

Keep your arms at your side and relaxed and don’t always make hand gestures. Even when you are nervous, keep it together.

Stay Patient

If your partner has told you that space is what he needs, give him some. Make the decision to respect his wishes and let him have the time that he needs. Be serious and be patient and wait to see if he is going to commit to you or not. You need to do this for a while but don’t do it forever.

Lift Him Up

Boost his ego and let him know that he is special. This will help him to feel better about himself. Brag on him and tell him how you feel about him. Show him that he is smart and let him know that you are proud of him.

Appreciate him when he takes care of you and make sure that you complement him and that you boost his confidence. He will always be there to cheer you on, and if you do the same for him then you will be closer.

Save Space

Make sure that you save space but that you also give him space. Avoidant people need to have space and they need to have time on their own. Show him respect and give him the respect that he needs.

If you decide to stay single after giving him space, don’t be rude about him or talk negative about him. Keep his secrets and show him respect, no matter what.

Patience is Best

Even if your partner isn’t replying to your text, being patient is going to be what helps you the most. You have to be patient and you have to wait or you will push him further away. Show him that you can make it rather he is talking to you or not.

If you want to have a good relationship, make him miss you when you aren’t together. Even though this isn’t something that is easy, when you make this choice, you will see that he will miss you more.