images (33)Spotting a fake psychic is easy and it is hard. I spot them a mile away , but I have my psychic abilities and years of experience behind me, so it is most likely easier for me.

First of all , the answer is “it depends” , it depends on how you spot a fake for two reasons, one is that some advertise and you have a lot of info to go on, so it depends on if they are advertising or not, and the other is that sometimes people are just a little nuts and it is hard to get valid information out of them. Either way one rule stands, that is , if they seem to be seeking attention, they aren’t real. Real honest psychics won’t try to gain attention, they do just the opposite. Credible and ethical psychics will NEVER try to get attention, ever. They won’t walk up and tell you things. Now I know some of you are thinking The Long Island Medium does this.She is a medium and that is a little different. When a spirit asks to please tell the person a message, they need to hear it, the medium will deliver it. I don’t even leave myself “open” anymore in “regular” life as I was taught by otheres, and instructed by my guides, that this is not necessary, if there is something so darn important it needs to get through, they won’t care if I am “off duty” they will send it anyway. I have certain “events” that will happen if I need to be aware of something.

So , how do you spot a fake?

Vague introductions and readings

Be very careful if a psychic starts with something like, “I see that you have been hurt in the past” or “you will be hurt in the future.”  Who hasn’t been hurt in the past anyway?

Websites or ads that say “Guaranteed 100% result

Rimages (34)eal phone psychics admit that they cannot guarantee 100% on any results, so if a psychic tells you that he or she is totally accurate – take this as a warning sign. While a medium or clairvoyant may tell you what he or she feels might happen in the future, even they cannot guarantee that these things will fully push through.

What a psychic does is simply read and interpret the energy that surrounds you, but you have the power to shape your destiny and have the free will to create events in your life.

Requires your personal information

There is really no reason for a psychic to ask you for your social security number or even your birthday. These details are not at all pertinent in any reading and may just be used to scam you.

Keeps asking you for money

images (35)One sign of a problem is if your psychic constantly asks you for money beyond his or her per minute or hourly rate. Some psychics require a lump sum to “clear” a curse that was put on you, or may refuse to divulge important or life changing information until you pay extra or set another appointment. The same goes for peddling candles, crystals and amulets to protect you from black magic.

Finding the right psychic for you

It cannot be denied – it is difficult to find truly gifted and authentic psychics who are honest at the same time. With so many practitioners available online and over the phone, it pays to be extra wary, so you should know how to filter them out. If you are looking for online or phone psychics, it helps to deal with tried and tested psychic networks, because they usually have a rigorous screening process that helps filter out fakes from those who really know their craft.