Deceased Loved One

Just because a loved one has passed on does not mean they do not wish to stay in contact. Since an audible voice may be virtually impossible, your loved ones can send signs from the other side. These signs will often increase in both frequency and size until you acknowledge and even focus on them. Look through the list below to learn about some of these signs of communication.


Spirits can inspire coins to randomly appear as a way to get our attention. These are usually found in odd places and are a message of prosperity or a form of encouragement to know your worth. Coins, especially pennies, may be found lying around the house, at the bottom of your purse, or as you walk down the street so it can be difficult to determine whether these are coincidences or spiritual intervention. When you do find coins, pay attention to any patterns that repeatedly appear and even the dates to see if there is a connection.

Family Dog

Animals can often easily pick up on the departed because they are more sensitive. When you notice your pet watching some invisible creature move about the room, when they whimper or growl in a certain direction, or when they act like they are playing with someone who is not there, they are likely recognizing spirits. Sometimes, animals simply behave this way, but when it is unusual, there is a chance your departed loved one have answered a call you made for spiritual intervention.


If you have ever noticed a strong fragrance or odor that had no source, this could be your loved one manifesting a scent you associate with them to let you know they are around. This could be a cologne, certain food smells, cigarette or pipe smells, or any unique scent.

Blown Lightbulbs

Spirits can easily manipulate electricity because spirits and electricity are forms of energy that are highly charged and vibrate at a higher frequency. To see if your loved one is trying to communicate, look for flickering lights in the house, random lightbulbs blowing out, or disturbances with electronics. These are often the spirits saying hello.


There are times when children say something totally insightful out of the blue. It appears they are wise beyond their years. This is because young children often serve as messengers for those who are departed. The departed easily connect with children because they live only in the present and are connected to their intuitive senses. They will openly relay messages from beyond without question or any form of judgment.

Love Songs

Your loved one who is departed may communicate with you through a song title or lyrics that remind you of a time you spent with them. They may be offering guidance or some form of clarity through a theme or message in songs. These are meant to help you with a specific situation.


Spirits often communicate when we are in an altered mental state like sleep because our thinking mind is turned down at the same time intuition is turned up. When visited by departed loved ones in dreams, they often leave a lasting impression that direct us in our waking life.


There are times when the departed use actual, literal signs to grab your attention. These signs can be actual signs like street signs, billboards, or even flyers that address some specific question that you have been asking. Signage is everywhere, so you must discern what messages are inspired and which are simply part of our daily lives. Trust your intuition to guide you.

Sky Formations

For many, rainbows are a personal sign from the other side. They are a symbol of Divine love. Try asking your departed loved ones for something specific and if a rainbow soon appears, remember you are connected and never alone.

Setting an intention to be open to signs is the top strategy for noticing them. It can be easy to dismiss them at first, but they will likely increase in frequency and even size if you keep looking.