For centuries people have turned to mystics and clairvoyants for advice.  The need to consult someone who can view things from a higher perspective is just a part of human nature. But how can you know who to trust?

Studies show that approximately fifty-percent of the population believes in psychic. Almost thirty-percent are unsure.  That means almost 80 percent of people may acknowledge a belief in psychic power.

Whether or not one wants to seriously consult a psychic or they just want to be entertained, how do you know if a psychic is trustworthy and reliable?

Signs that things are not what they appear to be

  • The psychic tells you that you have a curse that they can remove for a nominal fee
  • You are given a warning that your future is bleak, but at a small cost, the psychic can change your future.
  • You are told that you are surrounded by evil , but a small fee can help remove them.
  • Your chakras are closed but can be opened for a small fee
  • The psychic suggests that you continue to seek spiritual advice, but only from them.

These are all indicators that the reader is only interested in getting the most money out of you as possible.

Now that you’ve seen the warming signs, how do find the real deal?

You wouldn’t hire someone to fix your roof or even walk your dog without getting recommendations from a trusted source, would you? It’s no different when looking for a psychic adviser.  Ask your friends and other trusted sources about positive experiences they have had.  Don’t worry about fidning anyone; you would be surprised at the number of people who consult psychics for help in the daily lives.

Questions to ask your psychic:

  • How long have they been helping people?  (It’s okay if they’re relatively new to readings)
  • Do they have a license? Depending on your location, a psychic may be required to have a license of some kind.
  • Do they have any kind of training, even if its just in a small group setting.
  • Do they have a speciality or preferred medium?

Keep an open, but careful mind

Please remember that no one person can give you a word by word guide on how to live your life now and in the future.  Your psychic is their to help guide you. If you are in a serious, potentially dangerous crisis, consult a doctor or a lawyer.

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