Ever been in a dark place in your life to a point where you do not see the need of seeking help from your friends, a self-help group or a psychiatrist? As in that moment when you feel that you need a miracle?  Or when you have reached your limit until you ask yourself “why me?” These are the points where we can actually take that advice we were skeptical about. It can also be a time where we might consider looking for a psychic, a spiritual advisor or a medium.

Regrettably, some or rather most of these so-called psychics are just frauds. It is unfortunate that they end up taking advantage of those who are desperate for answers. Since I was a child, I have always sought the help of a psychic and here is what I found.

It is for certain that legitimate psychics do not need to do queer things in order to get our attention. However, I cannot be sure that those who do queer things are ungifted but I am sure we cannot take advice from just anyone who declares themselves a psychic.

In some cases, many of them will ask you to lead a session. For instance, they will say something like “I feel there is darkness in you”. Thereafter they will convince you to ask them a question. When you do so, they will have enough information to choose from. Come to think of it, just think of how much information you can get from a person’s Google search history.  However, these people are not psychic. All they do is give advice on that something they have no idea about.

Verbal advertising

We are often embarrassed by little things. For example, asking how many people have heeded advice from a qualified psychic. But we will find that actually many people have done this. These people can also refer you to their psychics. Hence, legitimate psychics do not need to advertise their work, the good services that they give will speak for themselves.

Apart from inquiring about psychics through word of mouth, you can also refer to online sources. You will find links to their personal websites and also notice a list of those who are well known. If you are patient enough, you can locate that psychic you are compatible with.

Shunning fraud psychics

Legitimate psychics will lead a session or give you an answer that will not shake you to the core. They will also not give you promises that they are unable to fulfill. The other “psychics” will demoralize you by giving you unfavorable answers just to take advantage of your money.

Professional psychics will give you both bad and good news because they want the session to be real. As in, they will give you an honest reading. Mostly, they will not mind if you ask them to follow up questions after the session. They will also not mind if you cut the session short. Plus, they will not withhold information about the death or an accident. If they do so, it will be considered unprofessional.

With any luck, all of the above will assist you whenever you want to locate a legitimate psychic. But at the back of your mind, know that psychics are just like any other person.