Love Between Two Empaths

Love is a powerful force, but never more so than when love occurs between two empaths.  By the simple fact that empaths experience the world around them more acutely, a romance between two such souls can lead to this couple knowing what each other thinks, feels and dreams.  They understand both all that is said and shown, as well as all that lies deep beneath the surface.

Partners go beyond just “getting” what each other is talking about to a point they can physically feel the realities of each other’s existence.  This leads to a remarkable profound level of knowing.  Prior to this love, the partner might have felt like they were vastly different from the rest of society.  In fact, empaths report feeling very lonely due to their unique perspective on the world and extreme reactions to both internal and external stimuli.  When they finally meet its like the world becomes a bit brighter and clearer.  Even if a couple has a number of differences, they quickly melt away as each partner is able to see the world through the other’s eyes, and perhaps physically feel how they experience life.  This is a major blessings and awe-causing sensation.

Sharing happiness creates bliss

Can you recall how you know how something makes you extremely excited and joyful?  Now think about the ability to share it with your significant other.  This is reality for empaths!

You’ll treasure your furbabies

Empaths have an unwavering love of animals and desire animal companionship.  When two empaths build a home together, they will prioritize bringing in a furry, feathery, or fuzzy friend into the family!  Heaven for this duo is a night together on the coach cuddling with your furbabies or perhaps running an animal sanctuary or rescue organization together.

Gifted nurturers

A common trait for empaths is prioritizing the need of others ahead of their own.  Two empaths falling in love means each other’s hearts will be well guarded and tended.  Consider how making your partner’s happiness and health the utmost priority can translate into them make YOUR happiness and health the utmost priority to THEM!  Now add how you can directly experience each other’s emotions and feelings and how that correlates to personally understanding their unique needs.  That is powerful stuff!

This means if one of you is sick, the other will know exactly what treatment or comfort can help you feel better.  Or maybe one of you is having a rough day at work, and suddenly a surprised bouquet of flowers is delivered because the other sense this stress.  By anticipating each other’s needs, even before one realizes it themselves, an awesome about of love, attention and support will be ever flowing!

Mind-blowing sex

When empaths get physical it will feel like one person won’t know where they begin and the other person ends.  The energy is always so palpable.  Similar to how empaths can anticipate a person’s emotional needs, so too can this translate into the bedroom dynamics.  When enjoying physical displays of affection both individual will be focused on the other’s pleasure and posses the ability to predict their lover’s every want or need.  This couple is totally in the moment during this time and their hyper-focus creates an unbreakable intimacy.  By merging energies with other, the love two empaths will experience together is truly miraculous.