Making Him Miss You

Do you want to make your partner miss you? Or maybe you are interested in someone, and you want to make them think about you. When you are on a man’s mind, you can become powerful, and you can make them think about you when they aren’t with you.

If he can’t stop thinking about you, chances are that he might become crazy for you. You will always be on his mind, and he will want you. This is hard to make happen but if you can do this then you can speed up the process of making him love you.

How to Make Him Love You

The first thing that you need to do is to show him that you are interested in him. When you have conversations, you need to listen and pay attention. Make him see how interested you are in his friends, what he likes to do and his career. Ask what is going on in his life and let him show off to you.

He will like a girl that wants to show him off. Don’t just talk about yourself but let him talk to you and impress you.


Flirting is something that he will notice. He will notice your body and your movements, and it will make him excited. Kiss him on the cheek and then make him wait. Text him and let him know you are thinking about him.

Take time to spice things up and make him feel comfortable around you. This will make him want to be around you.

Feeling Wanted

Make him feel wanted by you by going deeper. Let him know that you have a desire to be with him and that you want him. Men want to feel wanted and if you let him know that you are thinking about him, he will want to be around you.

Some women become too needy and that isn’t what this means. You don’t want to pressure him or make him think you are being overly needy but just that you want him.

Be Sexy

Become familiar with him. Make him miss you by showing him how sexy that you are. Don’t send him a bunch of pictures but just one to make him miss you.

He will find ways to start getting you to be sexy with him. You need to have a balance on making him miss you and waiting for him.

Have Fun

Men want you to be fun and to love themselves. Send him pictures of you out enjoying yourself. Show him that you love to have fun and that you love life. Make him wish that he was having fun with you.

Go on Adventures

Show that you love to be bold and that you love adventures. Do crazy things and send him pictures to show him that you are brave. This can win his heart.

Men are drawn to women that have a free spirit and will fight for what they want. They want to be inspired by you and they want to have a queen.

When you do these things, he will always be thinking of you first thing in the morning and then before he even goes to sleep.