Making Your Intuition Strong with Food

Some people have disorders with different things and eating can be one of them. Someone with an eating disorder can have a lack of energy because they aren’t getting the nutrients that they need to be strong. This can be someone that is not meeting their own personal needs and it can cause them to neglect their bodies.

Eating disorders can kill people and it can cause their body to shut down. This is something that people often experience because they are blind to what is going on in their body.

Healing of the Body

When you find the healing that you need, the eating disorder can be overcome. This can cause your body to change and can change the way that someone feels about eating. Once you are able to heal, you can see that your intuition can be stronger.

Developing the Intuition

There are different ideas when it comes to increasing or developing the intuition. There are many things that you can do to make this happen and eating is one of the things. These things that influence your intuition can either help it or make it weaker.

Eating to Make the Intuition Strong

The things that we eat often make us who we are. It can cause our health to change, and it can also affect our mental and emotional health. When we are connected to our bodies, we can understand how the world around us works.

The things that we eat are the things that we choose to put in our body. We can choose to eat foods that make us strong and let our intuition build or we can eat foods that destroy us.

Making Intuition Great

Interception is the process of reaching the inner part of the body. This is when the brain gets signals, and it helps to understand when we are hungry or thirsty or when we feel cold or hot or even when we are tired.

Some believe that this is what regulates the parts of our body that are needed to help us make decisions or the parts of our intuition that we forget about. Chemosensory process helps to control the interoceptive processes.

The things we eat can help or hurt our interception and it can make our intuition weak or strong.

Foods that Increase Intuition

There are some foods that can help to make your intuition stronger including:

  • Spinach.
  • Broccoli.
  • Avocados.
  • Meat that is raised on a pasture.
  • Kidney or liver meat.

These foods are helpful because they have alpha-lipoic acids which can help to protect the body and to increase the oxygen. It can help the vitamin E to recycle, and it can help the body to heal when there are injuries. This will also improve the neuron functions and help those that have damage to their nerves.

Here are some foods that are flavanol-rich and are great for the intuition:

  • Grapes.
  • Green vegetables.
  • Red vegetables.
  • Berries.
  • Green, white and oolong tea.

These foods can help to make the blood flow to the brain and increase the hippocampal neurogenesis.

Intuition and the Brain

The brain, specifically the cerebral cortex helps us to have sensory information. It helps us to be able to make decisions and to be more creative. This is part of your brain that helps to interpret your intuition.

When you have a gut feeling, this can come from the part of the brain that has memories and emotional responses. This causes there to be a reduced blood flow to the brain and this can cause your intuition to change.

Restricted blood flow can reduce your intuition, and this can come from things such as smoking, high blood pressure or being overweight.

Intuition and the Hippocampus

The hippocampus helps to make intuition stronger. When you have more cognitive brain function, it can help you to have better spiritual relationships with others and to have better memories.

This is part of the brain that is sensitive, and it is also the place where people can get diseases such as depression or Alzheimer’s. Having a healthy hippocampus is important for your intuition to develop.

DHA Foods

DHA foods can help you to have healthy brain functions. It can help you if you are pregnant and effects how you develop, even at an early age. People that have mental disorders and psychiatric disorders often have a lack of DHA.

People that increase their DHA in their diet will have lower deficits and will have better cognitive health. This also helps with the heart and can reduce the chances of heart attacks. DHA can also help with things such as:

• Depression.
• Hypertension.
• Diabetes.
• Arthritis.
• Mellitus.

DHA has omega-3 fatty acids that work to make the brain, skin, retina and the cerebral cortex stronger. Here are some good DHA foods:

• Tuna.
• Anchovies.
• Salmon.
• Sardines.
• Herring.
• Hemp Seed Oil.
• Algae.
• Cod Liver Oil.

Phosphatidylserine-Rich Foods for Intuition

Foods that have phosphatidylserine is a substance that helps to protect the brain and keep the brain strong. It can help the brain to have better functions such as short-term memory, concentration, language skills, communication skills and reasoning skills. This can also help with focusing.

It is important that you have foods that are full of these items so that you can get and send signals to the body that can help with intuition.

Eating to Increase Intuition

There are many foods that can help you to have better intuition. You can learn to eat healthy and make sure that you are not eating foods like sugar or processed foods. If you want to increase your intuition, add some of the foods in this article.