Manifesting Your Soulmate

There are many reasons you may want to manifest your soulmate. Perhaps you wish to feel whole or loved. Maybe you want to be yourself with someone, feeling successful. These are good reasons, but they are something you must first develop in yourself, then look for a soulmate to enhance them. Being able to love yourself will help get and keep you aligned so you can manifest your soulmate much easier.

Below are several secrets to helping manifest the soulmate you so desire:

Raise Vibrations

Raising your vibration will add energy to all the other methods to draw your soulmate closer. As you vibrate consistently, you are mimicking already having a soulmate and will become more attractive to your “one.” Your soulmate will manifest directly if you can focus on feeling blissful as often as possible, as if you are already truly loved.

Write It Out

You are a wonderful, amazing person with so much to offer. Write out what you like about yourself and those you would like a soulmate to take notice of when you meet them. This will keep you focused and able to build on what is important.

Write Out the Ideals

As you are writing things out, make a second list of everything an ideal relationship would contain and all the qualities you wish to express. This is not a list of physical characteristics, but things like integrity, affection, dependability, complimentary financial viewpoints, and emotional availability. Include how you would feel if you already had your soulmate. You may want to include things like being able to recognize your soulmate, being happy together, and bringing out the best in one another.

Express and Appreciate What is Within

Review the list you wrote out and highlight the ones about how you would feel if your soulmate was already in your life. How would you go about feeling all those things right now? Live as if you already feel them. If your desire is to get married, live as if you already have that ring on your finger so you know what to expect.

List What Must Happen First

Write out what needs to happen before you are ready for your soulmate. By writing them out, you see what truly needs to happen and what does not. If they are valid, get to work and if not, let them go.

Be Open

Be open to allowing the universe to manifest your soulmate in the way it sees fit. Placing limitations on the universe can delay things. Thinking a soulmate may only come online or through church is limiting, so expect both the expected and unexpected. You could meet your soulmate as a neighbor, while on vacation, or even today, if you are open.

Be In Your Relationship

Many times, we block our own manifestation of a soulmate because we feel we need that soulmate and are constantly searching. This puts up roadblocks. Live as if you do not need to find love because you have already manifested it. Pretend you are happy and in a relationship to the point you no longer care if you find love. Appreciate who you already are so when the right person comes along, you are already prepared.

Take Action

Make something happen. The Law of Attraction is not simply about visualizing and then waiting, you must move toward the goal. Action creates energy and helps the manifestation of a soulmate. Though you need to take action, detach from the outcome.

High Vibration

The goal is a high vibration no matter what. Stay focused and moving toward what you want. The universe hears and is going to provide for your best interests. Remain open and vibrating highly to manifest your soulmate. The relationship will come in the right time.