Just imagine yourself browsing for a new psychic and you saw Psychic Mara. What do you find the most helpful? What makes you think that the Advisor ‘s a good fit for you? The first review you see on her bio page says:
“Exactly what a psychic reading should be! I’m so glad I contacted Psychic Mara because she knew all the right things to say without passing any judgment whatsoever. Her reading style was very compassionate; I felt like we were old friends! If you want to laugh, cry, and learn something new about yourself, definitely contact Mara!”
How empowering, right?! When looking for a psychic to connect with, there’s no way to tell how you resonate with them unless you get positive background information. Who better to get that info from than your unbiased peers? This is why leaving a review—especially if you had a wonderful reading—is extremely important to both the Advisor and our community. It’s the easiest way to spread good karma!
 you review is important: Are your reviews helping or hurting?
Leaving feedback on a product, service or experience is more important now than ever. We’ve come to trust the opinions of our peers on everything from food to doctors to travel, and yes, psychic Advisors! Since we depend on other’s reviews and ratings to make so many important life-changing decisions, we’re much more inclined to review things ourselves (and rightfully so). Why wouldn’t you want to help, right? But there’s a fine line between a review that’s detrimental as opposed to one that’s helpful. It’s important to know the difference.

How do you write a professional, helpful review while still being honest?
Think about why you’re choosing to take time out of your day to leave feedback. You want to help your community find and connect with the best Advisors and make decisions based on your personal experiences. However, we all have different experiences. Say, for instance, you didn’t have a good connection with Psychic Martha. Does this mean no one will have a great reading with her? Absolutely not! The key to being honest here is by telling the truth while acknowledging that maybe Psychic Martha just isn’t the Advisor for you because “Loss and Grieving” isn’t her strong suit and you were hoping to connect with a lost loved one. That’s very helpful for someone who may be in a similar situation as you, without completely dismissing the Advisor for other areas she excels in, like “Love, Relationships & Family.”
Also, imagine you’ve just had a reading during which you blatantly disagreed with the advice or predictions you received. If you leave a comment saying, “Psychic Nova is absolutely terrible—nothing he said was true,” without any context, how are other customers to know what you weren’t happy with? Furthermore, if Psychic Nova’s prediction comes true months later, your opinion may drastically change but your negative review is still posted on the psychic’s bio.
This doesn’t just apply to negative reviews—it’s equally important to elaborate and provide comprehensive feedback in positive reviews. When you’re researching reviews on a product, it’s always more helpful to know what someone loved and why as opposed to just, “I loved it!” For example, it’s obvious to see which Advisor review is more useful:
“OMG Psychic Violet was amazing!!! I will definitely call her back!” 

“Psychic Violet was the most intuitive person I’ve ever talked to. She was able to pick up on my emotions and worries without me saying a word about them. She also really takes her time on each topic and doesn’t rush from one thing to the other. She doesn’t provide predictions as willingly unless you ask, so don’t be shy asking her questions. I will definitely call her back!”
Remember that our Advisors rely on your reviews to improve and our customers rely on them to choose how they spend their time, money and energy.
Lastly, keep it professional! Regardless of how detailed and honest you want to get, we cannot publish reviews with personal information (to protect your privacy), inappropriate language, slanderous or disrespectful comments, or other unsuitable material. We’ll always respect your opinion and publish your review if it meets these basic guidelines.
Now what are you waiting for? Start trying and rating new psychics!