Opening Up the Third Eye

The third eye is found where your pineal gland is and your pineal gland is a pine cone shaped gland that is located in the vertebrate.  This is where your gift of being able to sense things and where you can use your emotions to connect to the universe.

The third eye is important because it is the place where you have imaginations and your intuition is present.

Third Eye

The pineal gland is what produces your melatonin and helps you to sleep.  This also regulates time and helps your sexual maturation.  The melatonin affects how you handle stress and when you shine light to it, it can work stronger.  It works with your hypothalamus gland and helps you to control your hunger and your thirst.

Why the Third Eye

The third eye helps with your physical body but also with your spiritual being.  This is part of your body where your lucid dreaming and telepathy take place.  You can have a separation between yoruelf and your spirit and this comes from the third eye.

Awakening the Third Eye

When your third eye is blocked, it can cause you to be scared or confused.  It is when you have no energy and you are not able to see clearly.

Having an open third eye means that you can make decisions and have insight of the world around you.  The third eye is linked to lucid dreaming and can affect how well you sleep at night.


The pineal gland can become calcified.  This means that the toxins in your body will cause the gland to become like a stone.  This can happen when you use things like fluoride or when you eat too many sugars and artificial sweeteners.

You can also cause your pineal gland to get hard from using electronics too much and being exposed to radiation.

Third Eye Knowledge

The great thing about the third eye is that it is found in living things such as people and animals.  Even animals have a pineal gland and it brings about knowledge.

When the pineal gland is neglected and gets hard, it can cause your third eye to close and cause you to be sick and to be unhealthy mentally.

You can practice activating the third eye by being thankful to your spirit guides and by connecting to nature.

You should spend at least 10 minutes a day talking and connecting with your third eye.

How to Awaken It

When you want to awaken your third eye, there are things you should do and things you should avoid.  Pay attention to what you are doing in your day.


Don’t use a lot of fluoride in your life.  Make sure that you use toothpaste that is fluoride free and that you pay attention to your tap water.  When you diet, make sure you use products that are inorganic.  Add a water filter to your sink.


Make sure that you add fruits and vegetables to your diet.  You can also add certain spices such as garlic, ginger and other spices.  Use healthy vitamins and foods that are raw and healthy.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can stimulate your pineal gland and can give you spiritual awakening.  Use essential oils like frankincense, pine, sandalwood and lavender.  Add these oils to a diffuser.


Go out into the sun and get power from the universe.  Being in the sun a few minutes a day is very healthy.


Make sure that you take some time out of each day and meditate.  You can do this and cause your pineal gland to increase and to be stronger.  Let yourself chant and become one with your spirit.  Use the word om when you change.


Crystals are known to bring healing and if you use purple, violet and indigo stones, you can bring healing to your third eye.  Trying amethyst, purple violet tourmaline and other purple stones or gems can give you extra strength when you are meditating.


Once you start working to open your third eye, you will see that you can get messages and visions from your spirit guides.  Try to follow through with being healthy and keeping your third eye chakra balanced.