Past Karma Can Affect Present Day Life

Past Karma Can Affect Present Day LifeThe memory of the soul is known as karma. Karma is long standing and can tart in prior lives. In fact, our current life course is often determined by other, earlier lifetimes in which things were left unfinished. The things we failed to make right in previous lives will often present themselves again and again in this life. When the situation I unpleasant it is lingering karma that we can resolve and reverse. To erase the energy that is carried over we must acknowledge the properties of past life karma that are explained below.

No Expiration Date

Karma I carried as luggage from life to life. Unlike real luggage it I never lost which mean at some point you must sort through what I inside. Without even making the realization, you could have karma collected from past lives. When you unpack this baggage, you can confront the karma and lighten your load.

No Coincidences

We all have people that come into our lives for a reason. In fact, everyone in your life is there for a reason. While we do have free will to stay around someone or walk away, karma will overpower if this person needs to be around.

Karmic relationships will play out regardless of what we want. Acknowledge each person’s role in your life so that is settle, good or bad, and you can move forward.

Becoming What You Have Done

Karma is often trivialized as what goes around comes around, but it is more expansive. There is both positive and negative karma in life. Our actions in past lives will be played out in current or future lives. If we steal, we will be stolen from, but if we are giving, we will be given to over time.

Role Reversal

Karma can cause us to reincarnate in reverse manners. A parent could have been your child previously. Souls can also switch genders. The position shift is based on karmic need to repair or heal through the changing roles. Those you know in this life may have had a different impact in past lives.

Karma Repeats

Karma repeats itself to teach you to take new actions to achieve different results. If the same things seem to happen in life repeatedly, inspect your choices and make changes. This honest introspection can be tough, but don’t be afraid. Once you recognize what needs changed, you can get started in modifying your behaviors to end the karmic patterns.

We cannot ignore that past life karma is present in our current lives. Start working up the courage to unpack your karmic luggage and get rid of what should not be stored there. This can change your destiny for many lives to come.