Past Life Signs

If you have ever come across a person that you feel like you have met or seen before, but you are sure you haven’t, this can be a feeling of déjà vu.

You might feel that you are instantly connected to someone and that you get close to them quickly.  This could mean you have shared a past with them that you don’t realize.

You may have been in a relationship with them or you might have been there when they died.

Some people have a hard time in believing in reincarnation and it is a past life connection that we are faced with.  It gets to the point where it is almost impossible to not see that there is a real connection because it is so powerful.

Never try to hide from these encounters and learn to embrace them.  Deal with your past life and find out what issues you have had.  You might find a lot about yourself from your experience and you will learn to see the signs of people or things happening from your past life.


If you meet someone and have a strong connection, chances are they are from your past life.  If it takes no time at all for you to bond with them, this will be an intense connection.  When you are with them, you will feel the connection right from the moment you meet them and neither of you can deny the connection.


Chances are that you were lovers from a past life.  You might get repulsed by them when you see them and have no idea why you have such strong feelings.  There is a reason that you hate them.

You might dislike them and not know why, and it could be because you had a past with them and so you are instantly annoyed.

Close Even When Apart

When you are connected to someone, you might feel close with them even when you are away from them.  This can be a strong bond and a pull that you feel.

This can mean that in your past life that you were connected, and the universe wanted these emotions to grow.  This can be spiritual or physical.  The bond will be stronger than you ever imagined it to be.


When you have met someone from your past, you will have a strong connection with them.  You will know what they are saying without them having to explain themselves.  You will feel that you have known them forever, even if they are a stranger to you.  This might be someone that you have never met, and you know nothing about, but yet you know everything.


Chances are you will know when you meet your soulmate.  You will realize that you have an immediate connection with them and one that is very strong.

The connection might not be happy or good, but the connection will prove that you have met with this person sometime in your past life.  Find out why they have come back into your life, learn a lesson from it.