Psychic Readings for Every Zodiac Sign

People may seek out psychics for different reasons but all psychics are not the same. Believe it or not, certain psychics are better than others for those under particular zodiac signs.

Once you learn what type of psychic is best for your sign, you can find one that will provide the most helpful and effective reading for you.

The 3 Psychic Styles

There are three styles that psychics prefer and most will fall mostly into one category:


These types of psychics tell it like it is, even if it initially hurts. They can take a “tough love” approach to get you into motion.


These types of psychics use a gentle approach, listen more, and are empathic. They will prod you in the direction that is best for you.


This style refers to a psychic that lifts you and becomes a cheerleader for you to achieve your desires.


Some psychics have the unique ability to use a combination of methods to meet their clients’ needs. This could be beneficial if your life situation changes, creating a need to change approaches.

Which One Should You Look For?

Your zodiac sign determines a lot about your personality and how you look at life. That affects how others approach you and guide you, including psychics. Below is the type of psychic that is best for each zodiac sign

  • Aries

Rams need an inspirational psychic as they tend to be conquerers and benefit from the positive energy of others. An inspirational psychic will boosts their confidence and energy.

  • Taurus

Those born under Taurus are as stubborn as bulls but are tender deep down so a compassionate psychic is best for them. Taurus-born people have a lot of inner strength and need someone gentle to soothe their souls.

  • Gemini

The straightforward approach works for Geminis. For instance, John Wayne was a Gemini and was capable of handling anything. Gemini twins don’t like sugar-coating it and want to get down to business.

  • Cancer

These hard-shelled people need a compassionate soul to reach their soft hearts. While Cancers can be distant Moon children and snap like their crab symbol, they are naturally empathic and long for a gentle, caring approach.

  • Leo

Leos, represented by the Lion, love to do well and shine in their goals. They have endless amounts of joy and love to share every good thing in their lives with those they cherish. They like psychics that help them change the world.

  • Virgo

Those born under this sign are ruled by Mercury and so they like a straightforward approach with all details laid out in order in a clean, crisp fashion. They want the facts organized so they can study them and miss nothing. Virgos want to see everything and create ways to reach the quality of life they desire.

  • Libra

Libras like balance and like to be surrounded by beautiful things. That means they do best with an inspirational psychic who coats them with heartfelt, compassionate words speaking beauty into their lives. Such psychics make Libras feel like they can manifest anything into their lives.

  • Scorpio

A key component of Scorpians is that they feel intensely. They are also perceptive and pick up on others’ vibes easily. These are people who have inner strength but their fuel for life is compassion. They need sweetness and a compassionate psychic is best for them.

  • Sagittarius

Those born under the Archer sign like things straight as an arrow. They have arrows of their own that they let fly at times and are capable of dodges others’ darts. They like frankness because it is second nature to them.

  • Capricorn

Capricorns are goats who just want the facts. They can take on difficult issues and then ask for more. They enjoy solving problems and value time, so they want it given to them straight so they can start work immediately.

  • Aquarius

Those who are born under this water-bearer image run on a unique type of cosmic energy and are supercharged by those who inspire them. They need an inspirational psychic to guide them and help them soar.

  • Pisces

Those born under the fish sign are swimming in loving-kindness and like to live in the mystic realms. They need a sensitive psychic to do a reading more than most. They like the deep water and search for eternal love.

Understanding how you operate in your personality will help you pick a psychic that guides you toward your best future. Any psychic needs to be able to relate to you because you put a lot of trust in them. Search until you find the one that resonates with you.