I was informed that faith has no space for the individuals who read since I was a Catholic Psychic. I, however, do not trust this. Though a lot of Christians assert that the bible says clairvoyant tools are devilish, I confidently trust that the act of obtaining God’s message is not.  And it’s just all about the goal.

There were also prophets who obtained God’s pledge and chose to convey it to the world through the help of the holy spirits who showered them with God’s blessings.

The Distinction between Psychic Divination and God’s Intuition

The difference is just from the word “psychic”. This is a stigmatizing term since it is a cliché and used as a negative implication. Back in the days, this word together with the term “gypsy” described clairvoyants who conned and robbed people with untrue prophecies or extremely negative ones.

Despite the fact that other individuals still exercise this, we should know that this sense similar to any other can be utilized for the positive or the negative. It is your duty to determine what you do with that sense.

Perception of the Sixth Sense

Shockingly a greater number of Christians relates the sixth sense with devilish and clairvoyant readings with behaviors of the devil. This, however, makes them unable to undertake God’s work and convey messages of love and light with similar sense. I believe we were all born with this sense but most of us use and pay no attention to it and even forget that it was in existence.

Do you remember having a bad feeling about somebody or anything and knowing who it is or whatever it is? You have ever had a feeling of not wanting to be somewhere but then an accident occurs and you cannot help but thank God that you were not involved?

After interacting with the sense for a while now I trust that we all have experienced this. This sixth sense works hard to make us focus on it through other senses; clairsentience (being able to feel something clearly), clairaudience (perceiving clearly), and other times clairvoyance (seeing things clearly). We, however, don’t pay attention to these moments but decide to disregard them just as the society expects us to. Clairvoyants have however accepted this sense and have made it grow.

For the Catholic and Christian Psychics and Mediums

  • We are good Christians.
  • We all have the same goal of sharing happiness and light.
  • We all pray for the Holy Spirit to fall on us and convey messages in his divine.
  • When reading we are very careful.
  • We pray to God before reading since we think your feelings and environment is very sensitive.
  • We clear the space with His Divine light.

Always be easy on a psychic because the message he or she is conveying maybe that you don’t want to hear but it is what God wants you to hear at that time.