Spiritual Steps to Stop Negative Thinking

Spiritual Steps to Stop Negative ThinkingWouldn’t your life be so much better if you could get rid of negative thoughts in your mind?  If you could clear the space in your mind and replace it with positive things and clear your headspace then you could probably start living the life that you really want to live.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get over circumstances and not be tangled up in a web of negative thinking that would leave you in sadness and despair?

There are steps you can take to ground yourself spiritually and to stop your mind from focusing on negative things and get you on the right track.


You have to learn to accept where you are and what is going on in your life.  You can start climbing out of your despair if you can accept what is going on in your life.

If you are stuck with negative thoughts, then you will no longer need to be in that situation.  If it is a negative relationship, move on.  If you are unemployed, accept that this is a time of struggle.

If you are not where you want to be or you feel like you have failed, you have to change your thought pattern and change your actions.  Sometimes circumstances are challenging, and you have to learn to not be burdened by these things.

You fight against your circumstances and fantasize about what you wish you were, but you have to truly have a happier mindset and examine what is causing you to be unhappy.  Tell yourself you are fine even if you be afraid and worry.  Try to understand what you are worried about and acknowledge what is going on in you.

You need to make sure you understand what is going on so you can take action to stop your negative thoughts from happening.  Accept that life is not where you want it to be and figure out how you can change it.  Know that this is okay.

If you have to cry, do it.  There is courage in crying and in facing your sadness.  Shout, cry and do what it takes to release the negative energy out of your life.  Allow yourself to feel better inside.

Once you have accepted this, learn to understand your negative thoughts and see if you need to pay closer attention to what is going on.

Paying Attention

People are never going to be happy all the time.  When your friends post things on Facebook that make them look like they are happy and having a good time, we will want to feel that way too.  When people are successful that we know, we try to compare ourselves to them and want to be like them.

We feel anxious and obsessed with feeling happy and it causes us to have negative thoughts and to see that our lives have limits that we don’t like.  We have to learn to recognize our negative thoughts for what they are, which is telling us that our body needs some kind of attention.

This is similar to when your body is in physical pain, negative feelings can play the same role.  When we live in a culture where we have bodily pain, we take painkillers to feel better and it is the same with negative thoughts.  We sometimes try to push them behind and not pay attention to them until something terrible comes and then we realize we should have paid attention to it.

Negative thinking could mean that you have a bad outlook on yourself, that you think negatively about the world and that you are suffering emotionally.

In order to overcome these thoughts, we have to understand the signals and change to positive thinking by examining ourselves and figuring out how to solve the problems that are causing us these emotional pains.

If we think negatively about our ex, we have to raise our own self image to be able to handle things that are going on in life.  We have to realize that we have a lot to offer people and practice getting rid of these thoughts that are holding us back.


Once you accept your situation and you figure out why you have negative thoughts, it is time to let them go.  You have to figure out how to forgive yourself and others around you.

Once you learn to take captive your negative thoughts, this is all apart of forgiveness and when you are at the point where you can forgive yourself in situations where you should have responded differently, then you will learn to trust yourself again.

When you are mad at someone or mad at yourself for allowing things to happen, you can feel powerless, but you have to forgive yourself in order to move on.  You need to follow the golden rule and that means when you forgive others, you have to forgive yourself too.

If you are struggling with forgiving yourself, you have to understand that forgiveness is not excusing someone’s behavior or bringing justice to a situation, but it is just releasing the negative energy and not going back to the same situation.

If someone did something awful to you and you don’t let go and choose not to forgive, you are allowing them to hurt you over and over again.  You can allow this, or you can choose to forgive and be the person you want to be.


Follow these steps in order to feel better about yourself and be able to release negative feelings out of your life that can cause you pain and physical illness.