Unhappy Relationships

Do you know a guy that is stuck in an unhappy relationship? He mentions how unhappy he is but you just wonder why he is staying in a relationship like this. The truth is, sometimes men stay in relationships that are unhappy because of the same reasons that women do it.

Why He Stays in an Unhappy Relationship

Here are some reasons he stays in a relationship that he is unhappy in:

She is Attractive

Sometimes a man will stay with a woman because of how pretty she is. Having a pretty partner is important to men and when the partner is attractive it makes him feel good about himself.

When he finds her to be attractive, he feels that he is living his best life even though there are other things that he is giving up for this.

If she makes him unhappy, he has to make the choice if he is too unhappy to leave or if she is pretty enough to stay. This is especially true if he is out of her league.

He is Emotional and Sentimental

Some men are sentimental when they are in a relationship with someone. If they have been with this person for a long time, they will feel that they need to stay loyal to the relationship.

This can mean that they will stay in the relationship if they have been together for years, even if they aren’t happy. Sometimes he is not able to let her go, and he chooses unhappiness over breaking up.


Sex is one of the main reasons that men will stay in a relationship, even if they are unhappy. Sometimes a man is with a woman that makes him so happy in bed that he ignores the other parts of it.

He can stay in the relationship if the sex is good even if she is always causing him to be anxious and to be stressed out. No matter how unhappy she makes him, he might stay for the sex.

Lack of Options

A man that has been with someone for a while might feel that there are no other options but to stay with her. He will stay in a relationship where he isn’t happy because he is worried that he won’t ever meet someone else.

There are many women that are single but if you feel that you cannot get another woman, chances are that you will stay in a relationship that feels unhappy. This can change if he becomes lonely or desperate.

He Wants Her for Himself

Men that get jealous easily will stay in relationships even if they are unhappy because they don’t want someone else to get her. These kinds of men are often possessive and they don’t care how unhappy that they are because they just don’t want someone else to have her.

He Loves Her

A man that is in a relationship knows that no relationship is ever going to be perfect. When someone is with someone and they become frustrated with that person, they still are in a relationship that they are committed to and this can cause them to stay.

Many times, in this situation, men realize that there are mistakes that have been made in the relationship but they are stuck together because he loves her. Even if the same mistakes keep happening, he might stay in the unhappy relationship regardless.

Men that stay in relationships where they are unhappy feel that they have a reason to stay and so they will.