The Dissimilarity between Mystical Advisors and Clairvoyants

What is a Mystical Advisor?

The Dissimilarity between Mystical Advisors and ClairvoyantsIn the ancient days, this referred to being religiously attached to values or things that related to the spirit and not materialistic or worldly things. Nevertheless, mystically has been considered a concept of reaching high levels of consciousness since it has developed over time. An individual who is spiritual is considered to be more connected to nature, God and even himself.

An individual who helps in discovering the process of spirituality is known as a mystical advisor. They are trained to provide guidance in a person’s mystical journey. Human expressions and human success are balanced through the art of spirituality of which they are the one who helps in practice.

The word ‘spirituality’ was first used in the 5th century in the Bible; it meant being actively involved with Godly matters through the help of the Holy Spirit. In the 11th century, however, it possessed a different meaning, that is, it referred to the mental aspect of life, unlike the material aspect. This new meaning was described by the words “the ecclesiastical sphere of light against the dark world of matter.” The implication of the analysis of emotions and mentality of the mystical life began in the 13th century. This however changed in the 18th century and a person was regarded spiritual only if he was a staunch Christian, unlike others. Religion was later separated from spirituality in the 20th century when it was said that it’s through free expression and meditation that one was able to realize his or her true self and knows better one’s self through a mixture of eastern religions.

What is clairvoyant?

Clairvoyant also means psychic. Derived from the Greek word pyschikos, it refers to the mind of a human being or psyche. A clairvoyant is an individual who uses mystical gifts to unleash underlying meanings and messages that can’t be normally seen or identified.

Since the old days, foretelling the future has always been part of the human world. Astrology where stars and planets powers were used to envision the human activities and earthly matters was the earliest civilization of prediction. The astrologers, later on, said that they have the capability of predicting the future without necessarily using those celestial objects. They gave their predictions and readings in relation to future visions. They had titles such as prophets or seers then later psychics or clairvoyants.

There is a belief that this psychics ability was largely appreciated by people and that they got their powers from a god or goddess. It is historically believed that these clairvoyants held special positions in the palaces and gave advises to the kings in relation to decision making. They were however punished in case a reading never came to pass. They were mainly advisors and priests.

Each and every clairvoyant has different capability.

The dissimilarity between mystical advisors and clairvoyants is clearly depicted through their characteristics.

Mystical Advisors Characteristics   

  • They are completely selfless and not materialistic.
  • Since mystical love is the heart of spirituality, Mystical advisors as so full of spiritual affection.
  • They practice a lot on how to help others and share the love.
  • They do not request for any assistance or any kind of return for the services they offer. This is due to the fact that they are not materialistic.
  • They do not portray themselves as seers or prophets due to their respect and love of God.
  • They depend on their own because they trust in God and depend only on him.
  • They mean whatever they say and do not fool people.

Clairvoyants Characteristics

  • They give readings in relation to the client’s questions and types.
  • They want to be paid for their services.
  • Unlike spirituality which is an innate feeling, psychics’ abilities are developed.
  • Their abilities require a lot of time to be mastered.
  • They have very sensitive personalities and are physical aware.
  • Mystical advisors deeply meditate and deeply connect with the surroundings while clairvoyants are normal people just like other human beings.
  • It’s only those who seek psychics who get their services while spiritual advisors are God’s people and their only objective is to help others.

There are many dissimilarities between Mystical Advisors and Clairvoyants as shown above. They are appropriate for different reasons. And even though they are different they still belong to one family.