Psychic Readings

Psychic readings provide us with fantastic guidance in life. A good psychic reading can aid us with our life choices, our health, and our fortunes. Psychics are usually compassionate and lend a listening ear alongside expert spiritual knowledge.

Psychic ReadingsHowever, psychics need to pay their bills, which means that services cannot come free. As such, it’s useful to know how much you should ideally be charged for a psychic reading. Not only does this prepare you beforehand—is your question really worth the cost?—it also helps you stay away from fraudsters who wish only to take advantage of you.

As such, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to set you up with the necessary knowledge before committing to your first psychic reading.

Do You Pay for What You Get?

It’s likely, but it isn’t certain.

Certain psychics overcharge, and that’s just a fact of the business. However, some undercharge and still provide great readings. Most of the time, you can manage to strike a good balance in between those two possibilities.

Of course, it all depends where you look. If a psychic has a great reputation, chances are they’ll charge higher fees for their readings. It’s worth remembering, however, that you shouldn’t break the bank for a psychic reading… but you should also never expect to get one for free, either.

Online Psychic Networks

Online psychic networks tend to average out their prices and organize readings by a planned going rate. You are able to choose between a facetime video, a text-based chat, or a phone call.

The plus side here is that these readings are flexible, and you can work them around your own schedule. It’s also useful for getting a few burning questions out of the way without paying an arm and a leg. Sessions are usually $1–5/minute.

Celebrity Psychics

Celebrity psychics are your most expensive options. Their time is in high demand, and they’ve earned a name for themselves through TV spots or, quite simply, by being around long enough.

Nevertheless, you should never forget that reputations aren’t always earned meritocratically. In other words, the most famous psychics aren’t necessarily the best. People can choose a life in the spotlight, but they can also choose not to; the most powerful psychics are likely to serve a much quieter client base.

Face-to-Face Psychic Readings

Psychic ReadingsPsychics who conduct readings in person are usually more expensive. Indeed, these are the most trusted and traditional forms of psychic readings, but don’t be alarmed if you’re paying more than you would do online.

The reason these readings cost more is because the appointment has to be made in advance – you’re actually arranging for someone to take time out of their day. Furthermore, the space needs paying for; many face-to-face psychics have offices on which they have to pay the rent.

If you, like many other people, would trust an in-person reading more than an online one, you should expect to pay $60 for a half-hour reading or $20 for a ten-minute session.

FAQ: Why the Range of Prices?

Simply put, new psychics and those who are novices in the industry are usually the ones to charge lower fees for readings. It’s a simple fact of: the higher up the ladder you go, the more you get to charge. If readings are a part-time thing alongside a day job, such psychics will ordinarily charge less, too.

As with celebrity psychics and their higher wages, remember that low-cost readings might not always be indicative of actual quality. Sometimes, it might just be that the person is a talented newbie who needs to build some name recognition before they can charge a fee that accurately reflects their services.

On average, you will be expected to pay around $120/hour for a psychic reading. These services are provided by established clairvoyants who usually have a reason to command such prices. Toward the higher end of the scale, however, it is ordinary to pay hundreds of dollars per session with a top-rated psychic.

Above that, and you’re paying celebrity medium prices. Remember, it isn’t always necessary to pay over the odds for a psychic reading, because the higher prices are usually ‘justified’ through name recognition. Equally talented psychics may not charge quite so much, but they may deliver the exact same quality reading.

Tipping Mediums

When you experience a fantastic, life-altering reading with a psychic, it may be tempting to tip as a way to show your gratitude. However, this is unnecessary; your psychic has merely delivered the service you paid for. If you were particularly blown away by your service, show your appreciation by recommending the medium to a friend.

Warnings About Free Readings

You may be intrigued by the prospect of free psychic readings. While it may initially seem more charitable for a medium to share their gift for free, you should be wary of psychics who offer free services.

Most of the time, these readings are offered by those who are new to the industry. They may not be confident enough in their talents to charge the going rate, and they may still be under experienced in dealing with clients. What these free services mean, then, is that you ought to be patient with the psychic.

Sometimes, the free service may be part of a promotion designed to encourage the user to purchase more sessions. These free appointments may very likely be too short to get any proper readings out of them. Of course, this doesn’t mean they’re bad, but it’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll likely have to pay if you want a proper reading for some valued insights.