Using Your Intuition to Make Your Life Better

Everyone has some kind of intuition that helps to guide them in what they do. When people learn to listen to their intuition, they can be lead in the right direction and see that this information can lead them beyond what their rational brain can think.

Intuition comes in many ways such as a feeling, an image or even just a sensation on the body. Some people automatically know the answer when their intuition shines.

Looking at your past can help you to see how your intuition generally shows up. How can you tell when a decision that you have made is good or bad? As you learn to trust yourself and listen to your intuition, you will see that you can connect with this and learn to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Chances are that you will worry about your intuition because it will cause you to have to make changes that you normally wouldn’t make. It will speak to you through your feelings and then you might make the choice to make the right decision over something wrong.

If your intuition tells you something like to quit your job or to apply for another job, take steps into getting there and don’t just make immediate drastic choices.


People that listen to their intuition will be enthusiastic about the decision that they are going to make. They will feel excited about their new guide, and they will see that their intuition will never be boring.

To-Do Lists

When you have intuition, you will learn to visualize things immediately after you wake up. You will do what you can to have a good day, and this can mean making new relationships and finding out what things you can do to move towards a happy.

Dreaming of Answers

Before you go to bed, write down in your journal what you need help with. Ask questions and ask your guides to reveal things to you in your dreams.

Intuitive Walking

If you still have questions, go for a walk while concentrating on your intuition. Let it guide you and get the answers that you are seeking when you never even expect it.


Take time to journal what you are going through and what you are feeling. Learn to find out what you really need and to be clear about what you are asking for.

When you are clear with what you want and need, your body and your soul can help you to make the right decisions.

Watch your Talking

Learn to be positive and to make sure that you are paying attention to how you are talking. Practice being positive and let your intuition guide you. Figure out what you want and talk yourself into having peace and joy with your decisions.

Your intuition is a way to a new life and a meaningful situation. Be fulfilled in giving all that you have and listening to your inner voice.