What to Know Before You Go into a Psychic Reading

What to Know Before You Go into a Psychic ReadingIt can be nerve wracking to go to your first psychic reading!  This is an exhilarating time that will be able to provide you crucial insight into some of the most pressing concerns in your life right now.  To help you feel a bit more confident ahead of your reading we have compiled a list of helpful tips on how to get yourself ready for your reading.

Understand You Both Have a Responsibility!

Despite what you might think, both a client and a psychic have specific duties during a reading.  The psychic must ensure a balanced energy, provide a relaxing private space, and allow for ample time for you to receive and process the message.  You, must manage any anxiety to ensure you keep as relaxed, receptive and honest as possible.  You and your psychic will be working as a team during the reading to help interpret the messages, make sense of any questions and create meaningful action steps for you to do after your reading.  The goal for you both is helping you move forward on your life’s journey.

Prepare Your Spirit the Night Before a Reading

Your body, mind and spirit need to be in the best shape possible for your reading.  The night before you will have some homework.  Set an intention for the reading that resonates with your highest self.  Abstain from alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and drug use.  Instead, drink plenty of water and get ample sleep.

Ground Yourself Before the Reading

Allot five minutes prior to your session to settle your mind and body.  Start by taking a few deep breaths from your diaphragm.  Set an intention for the reading and understand your motives or expectations.  Let your eyes close and envision your higher self being awash in love, courage and peace.  If you find it difficult to do this visualization, you may choose to meditate, pray, focus on your breathing or give yourself a simple affirmation.

Your Reading Happens in a Quiet and Private space

Unless you have chosen to take part in a group or television reading, you will be in a tranquil room with just the psychic.  You both will be free of any interruption for the duration of your session, so you can feel relaxed and open to listen to the message from beyond.  You will be safe on all levels and encourage to share your feelings and insights at all points of the reading.

Prepare a Limited Number of Specific Questions

Try to limit your questions to less than five of your most pressing concerns.  It is best for you to phrase your questions in a way that asks either “why” or “how.”  Psychics will always work to ensure the freewill of all parties concerned in your questions and as such, will not help in any manipulation on any level.  Make sure to focus all questions on yourself and your self-growth.  It is ok to want to contact a spirit who has crossed over or to discuss relationships you had with a person who is either living or dead, as long as you maintain a pure heart and everyone’s freewill.

Make Sure the Message Makes Sense!

This is your time to get clarity on your pressing issues.  If you have a question or concern speak up!  The psychic will periodically check-in with you to make sure the message is impactful, but you can ask for clarity at any time.  By asking questions you are helping the psychic know they are on the right path for your self-growth.  In the last few minutes of your reading you can work with the psychic to create action steps to help on your journey towards healing and self-growth.