Where Each Zodiac Sign Will Discover Their Soulmate

Looking for love can be an adventure, filled with the highest of highs and lowest of lows.  If you are hoping to expedite your journey to lasting love consider using the zodiac.  We have compiled a list of where and how each sign can discover their soulmate.


You love being in a crowd, so it makes sense that you would discover your partner in a public space.  This public domain can be large or small, so explore the latest hotspot or take your friend up on that party invite!

The ideal partner for Aries is often an Aquarius.  Aquarius is sign filled with free spirits that enjoy savoring the finer things in life.  They are open to people of all walks of life and always game to explore a new adventure with you.


You are a seeker of comfort and quiet.  Ditch any venue that encourages a crowd, and seek a safe where people can leisurely mingle.  Great locations include art exhibitions or a stroll in a country shop.  The ideal partner for you is another earth sign, Virgo.  Virgos, although busy exhibit excellent time management.  They are on the go, but always know exactly what they want in life.


Gemini are extraordinary people.  They enjoy Avant Garde spaces like an extreme sports event, or sushi making class.  You are open to meeting someone in any venue as long as they honor your values.  Libras can help balance out your intensity and provide you a sense of peace, calmness and love.


Cancers are creatures of habit and typically meet their partners in well-established places.  This includes meeting a partner at a home-based party or through a mutual friend.  It is common for Cancers to find love during celebrations with friends and family.  Pisces might make a perfect soul mate for Cancer.


Leos with their unpredictable nature can encounter their soul mate at any moment.   Often love will find them when they are enjoying nature such as during a daily run, or chance encounter at the dog park.  There is a unique chemistry for Leo and Aquarius who often find each other in unexpected, and exciting ways.


Virgos with their stellar work ethic typically find romance in the office or business world.  This is helpful because it shows a commitment to shared values and often loyalty.  An ideal partner for Virgo is Capricorn due to high levels of mutual understanding and common interests.  Typically love with blossom in quiet and intimate spaces.


Libra thrives on exploring the beauty of nature and discovering new cultures.  Therefore, love finds Libra away from the home and often in vibrant locales.  Libra who often offers sage advice should be ready to understand a hidden agenda for people seeking out your listening skills.  Leos offer Libra passion and excitement.  This relationship can be successful because Libra is able to amuse themselves while Leo can be distracted seeking the limelight.


Scorpios have a natural ebb and flow when it comes to being around people.  To maintain interest with a Scorpio, frequent places where you both can participate in a shared favorite activity.  Scorpio flourishes with other water signs like Pisces, or Cancer, whose prioritize a harmonious relationship.


Sagittarius can discover love anywhere, but to launch a relationship focus on exciting places like a sporting event.  Sagittarius requires a strong partner, like an Aries or Leo, to balance out their adventurous spirit.


Capricorns find love most easily when they are participating in activities that enhance their sense of self-esteem, such as in church or during a yoga practice.  Stalwart Capricorn makes an excellent union Taurus, where they can foster a strong intimate and emotional bond.


These creativity individuals often find love in space they can fully express themselves such as at a theme party.  When an Aquarian finds a magnetic connection with a person, they are incapable of pulling away!  One of the most frequent lovers is Aries.  Aquarius thrived on learning from Aries and healthy competition ensures there will always be passion in the relationship.


Pisces love peace and introspection.  It’s no wonder that they often find love at the library! Pisces can strike the right romance chord with Scorpio.