Who Believes in Hell?

It is always a question as to rather someone thinks that hell is real or not. This isn’t a question that even has to be religious, it can be just understanding what happens after death.

Heaven and hell are something that have been in movies, books and in religious organizations for years and years. There are people that believe that hell is real while others don’t believe that this place could exist. Some people in some religions will try things to make sure that they don’t end up in a place like hell.

Heaven and hell are something that is often used in religion. It is sometimes believed to be something to scare people, and many believe that a real God would never send someone to hell. Other people choose to not even think about hell while some still believe that they face what hell is right here on earth.

People often have questions about what will happen to them after they die. The idea of heaven and hell often depends on how you were raised and what your feelings are about God and eternity.

Many people believe that there is a place that bad people will go, while others don’t seem to believe in heaven nearly as much. The idea of hell and heaven is very different and often times people believe that there should be punishment, but that life is good now.

Here are some of the different beliefs of hell:


In Catholicism, it is taught that there is a heaven and a hell. It is taught that the people will go to purgatory before going to one of those places. Heaven is a place for the good and hell is a place for the bad people to go.


In Buddhism, they are taught that you live your life as you live it and there is no reward or punishment for how you have lived.


The Baptists are taught that hell and heaven are real. Some believe that you need to live a perfect life to get to heaven, but others believe that you can go to heaven just because of being a Baptist.

Jewish Tradition

The Jewish tradition teaches that there is some kind of punishment set up for those that have lived a bad life but that there is no real promise of going to heaven no matter how good you are.


Atheists believe that there is no divinity, and you can live how you want.


In the metaphysical world, you are taught that you can be reincarnated, and you can make things better no matter how you lived in your other life.