Fine Tune your Clairaudience

Clairaudience is a gift from the Divine that allows you to receive auditory messages from the spirit world.  People with this talent for “clear hearing” may be sent information to relay to others in the form of sound, music or even voices.  Much like any of the intuitive talents, how a person experiences clairaudience is unique and deeply personal.  Messages can be heard either with your physical or “third” ear.  With “third” ear messages, information may be received in the form of a memory of “hearing” information or as an intuitive pull towards a sound.

There are many signs that you might be clairaudient.  For example, can recognize a person solely by their voice.

You have a tendency to process a situation out loud with self-talk or vocalizing potential solutions.  If this is the case then, you might notice that you will also utter out loud answers to questions you didn’t directly vocalize.

You also may hear message that you instinctively know where meant solely for you.  If you stop what you are doing when you hear a key line in a song because the message is that impactful you might have clairaudient skills.  Other Spirit-driven messages might come in the form of a religious lesson, special tone or snippet of conversation that can directly apply to a situation that you have been questioning.

You prefer to be in a quiet space.  Clairaudients are especially sensitive to sounds and can become easily overwhelmed when too much noise occurs simultaneously.  However, you find listening to music can adjust your energy levels to best meet your current situation.

Ideas frequently arise in your head as if your mind is directly dialoguing with you.  This often happens while you are engaging with your daily tasks, so you mind would have been otherwise occupied.

You notice noises from a distance, but that may be lacking a physical origin.  Frequently this might occur during moments of quiet or wind-down like prior to falling asleep.  It could come in the form of music, voice, knocking, or creaks.  If you find this irksome, it is ok to ask Spirit to tone it down.

Ways to strengthen clairaudience talents

Center yourself by listening to the ambient sounds in a room with closed eyes.  What do you immediately notice?  Next, focus your attention on your physical hearing.  Try to detect things further away.  Can you identify the sources of the sounds?  You can also try an exercise using classical music to identify a single instrument and notice how its sounds ebb and flow throughout the piece.  By strengthening your physical ears, you can become more receptive to intuitive hearing and what frequency different sounds produce.

What happens if I hear a spiritual voice?

One of the biggest fears with clairaudience is how to handle hearing a spectral voice.  People become concerned that if they heard such a voice whether with their physical or “third” ear it could be a sign of a mental illness.  First, if you are concerned about mental illness, it is in your best interest to work with a trained counselor to identify what is normal, spiritual or requiring of medical attention.  Next, become clear on if the messages that you are hearing are helpful or disturbing to you.  If it’s disturbing to you at any point, do the messages relax if your ask the Divine to make them slow or stop?  If you aren’t able to control the auditory signs you are sent consider enlisting the help of a spiritual counselor or work with a mental health professional to make sure your quality of life doesn’t become impacted.