Psychic Self-Defense to Battle that Drained Feeling

Psychic self-defense is a highly important topic. It is useful for the every day as you open yourself up to a world of energy with things that need your awareness and precautions need to be taken overall. When you open yourself up, you become a spot for energy to be place, positive and negative. You must learn to protect yourself from predatory energy that comes from the world and the other side.

Television Attack

There are numerous reasons to be on the defense psychically 24 hours a day. For example, when watching television, it is often for mindless entertainment, not to be involved in someone else’s issues. Still, we are under attack each time it is turned on. Think about watching your favorite show and then someone walks into your home and tells you that you cannot sleep due to a some disease or your bedroom to tell you that sexual dysfunction can be corrected. Perhaps in a pivotal show moment, a lizard strolls in and tells you how to save money on insurance. While we would find these things in real life odd and confusing, we let them into our minds on television regularly.

We secure our homes to keep unwelcomed visitors out, but we allow commercials to invade our mins and homes daily. Advertisers pay for shows that are produced and aired because this is how television works. However, we pay for it metaphysically.

Imagine lying in be exhausted and depleted, simply wanting to watch a show to decompress. Perhaps the news is the first thing on and this is where the attack begins. You may simply want to catch up on world events, but the news is rarely positive in any way. In a twenty-ish minute broadcast our minds are invaded with scandals, politicians, a poor economy, and even war. This is on the news because bad news is what sells. This is just how we are as people with no real blame for wanting to know this stuff. We may think about what it is like to be in a given situation and in this, we open ourselves up. Then, as we fall asleep, that negative energy is still inside of us, permeating and infiltrating our psyche. This could lead to violent or uncomfortable dreams, but in the upcoming days, the poison will be released in your body.

You may begin reacting to fear over what was seen as if it were actually happening to you or consider changing insurance companies, even though there is no need. This does not mean you must bury your head in the sand, but that you must be more aware of what is let in your life and mind. If you must watch television, try comedies or cartoons. Otherwise, try meditation or music to relax and create a positive sleeping space. Choose what is allowed in as a form of self-protection.

Guarding Your Aura

Psychic protection helps maintain the energy in the aura field as well as keeping others from having a negative effect or raining energies. We need to be aware and protect ourselves from those in our daily lives, especially those who suck energy out of us like vampires. If we are aware, we can limit exposure to these people because we often do not realize it is happening.

We become aware by being mindful and studying behaviors. We protect ourselves. We need to wear psychic self-defense suits when dealing with people who are energy drains. There are just normal people who lack energy in their own lives without the idea that they can drain others. When this happens, you are likely to take on their emotion and pain without even realizing it. So be aware of these leeches and make sure you are not one. Protect yourself by keeping a distance when possible, especially when you are feeling low. Take plenty of time to meditate and pray so you are protected and then go through life, keeping your guard up when someone draining is around.